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The Bow Wow, Issue #6: Violet's Story

Your Donations Mean the World

This is the time of year we hope you will support with a donation the work we do everyday to sustain the excellent level of care for the lost and abandoned dogs and cats of Sonoma Valley. This work is sometimes extremely challenging, it can, at times, be heartbreaking and more often than not, incredibly rewarding.

We are committed to each dog and cat that comes into our care and without sugar coating it, this takes consistent funding. We are lucky to have friends like YOU to help as we receive no government funding or subsidies of any kind. Animal welfare organizations nationwide are facing a crisis of more animals coming into the shelters and less adoptions. And the intakes we are experiencing are often medically and behaviorally compromised.

Here's one story of a cat's journey with us.

Violet is a very special girl who was found injured, lying in the middle of Manzanita Road. The finders assumed she had been hit by a car. They brought her to Pets Lifeline where we scanned her for a micro-chip. Not finding one, nor did she have a collar, we knew our job was to take the best care of this young cat.

Our staff jumped into gear and immediately transported her to TruVet Emergency and Specialty Hospital where she spent several days being treated for an unknown head trauma and a non-weight bearing front leg. Once released from the care of TruVet, Violet came to recover and heal at Pets Lifeline.

We estimate that Violet was 5 months old when she was found. She has now been in our care for 262 days. She had a room / a cat suite to herself for several months recovering where she would look longingly out the window. With her head trauma she has some unpredictable behavior. Thank goodness for our cat socializers, who would sit with her regularly. Once recovered and deemed healthy, she moved into the communal cat room with the outdoor catio. Although our neighbor misses seeing her in her window, she now has the luxury of enjoying the fresh air. We often find her lounging outside in the sun.

Thank goodness for our Mariah Fund (dedicated funds for animal critical care). Violet is a fan favorite and although her initial emergency visit and the specialized care at Pets Lifeline came at a considerable cost. It took a couple months for her health to improve so that she could have her spay surgery and her fractured tooth removed. At that point she was placed up for adoption. She has what is called Diabetes Insipidus from her brain injury. This is not the common diabetes that you have to monitor your blood sugars and supplement with insulin injections. This type makes you drink a lot of water and urinate often. The only thing you need for Diabetes Insipidus is water and a litter box!

We hope that one day Violet's humans will find her here and give her the loving home she deserves. Until that time, she will be living her best life at Pets Lifeline. Violet is one of over 400 cats who have come through our doors in 2022. Your donation will help us take care of Violet and all of her cat friends who live in Catlandia. We ask that you please give what you can during this time. No donation is too big or too small.


Pets Lifeline believes all dogs and cats in Sonoma should be safe and healthy and living in loving homes. Every day we work side-by-side with the community to shelter lost and abandoned pets, get them healthy and find them forever homes. Without Pets Lifeline, these wonderful animals would miss the chance to experience their full potential and share their joy with others. #WeLoveSonomaPets

  • For more on Pets Lifeline, please explore our website at

  • Contact us at 707.9964577 if you'd like to visit us on Eighth Street East.

  • Email us at


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