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The pets listed below are being rehomed by members of our community. This is a free service to assist pet owners/guardians with finding new homes for pets they cannot keep. These animals are not housed at Pets Lifeline and all arrangements to meet with these animals must be made directly with their owners/guardians. Pets Lifeline is not involved with Adoptions by Owner outside of facilitating this webpage and is not responsible for the pets posted on this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet's owner/guardian to acquire veterinary records, microchip information, and other necessary information and supplies. 

Handsome brothers are looking for a new home together.


Name: Midnight & George

Species: Canine

Breed: Domestic short Hair

Age: 6yrs

color : Black

 Sex : Male neutered and chipped

Contact phone: (925) 464-0056


Meet George and Midnight! These two handsome 6-year old brothers are looking for a new home together. Their previous owners became very ill and can no longer take care of them. They are in a temporary home for now, but would love to find their new forever home. George is the social one out of the duo. He LOVES pets and will headbutt everyone for more. Midnight is a shy guy at first, but really lets his affection shine once he’s comfortable. The boys love to play and sleep in their cat tree. They also love to play in their cat tunnel, love toys with feathers on them, and enjoy supervised sunbathing outside. They are fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, parasite free, and litterbox trained. They also lived in a house with other cats and an older small/medium sized dog. Please reach out to ask questions or express interest in having George and Midnight join your family.

Currently located Petaluma, CA   6/11/24

Loving, sweet mature Bob


Name: BOB

Species: Canine

Breed: Chow chow & hound

Age: 8 yrs

color : Tan

 Sex : Male Neutered/Not chipped

Contact phone: (707) 239-3806


Bob was abandoned on the streets of Fresno. We found him wandering with a young female dog. We took them both in for love, care and treatment. Bob is estimated at 8 years old. He is kind and sweet. He loves all people and wants love and attention. He loves playing with a rope toy and a ball. He will lay down next to you with his toy and enjoy your company. He never barks and is extremely polite and gentle, good on the leash and curious about the world.
He currently lives outside as we do not have a better option for him. He spent his first night in a house and was reported to be quiet. We are looking for someone who will love him and give him the life he deserves. Bob is friendly with the puppy he lives with but we don’t know how he’ll be with other dogs. Definitely not good with cats.

Currently located Petaluma CA   6/3/24

Big Boy Bernie


Name: Bernie

Species: Canine

Breed: Newfoundland

Age: 3 yrs

color : Black/white

 Sex : Male altered

Contact phone: (415) 828-5737


Bernie is a fostered, 3-year old Newfoundland mix with a calm temperament and a sweet personality. He has been neutered, all of his vaccinations are up to date, and he is crate-trained. He is very smart, obedient, and quiet. He just needs a forever family to give him lots of love and take him out on adventures. Bernie is a gentle giant that gets along great with people, children, and other dogs. He would be a great addition to any family with plenty of space and lots of love to give him.

Currently located San Francisco, CA   5/20/24

Sweet Bimba


Name: Bimba

Species: Canine

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Age: 2 yr

color : Brown Brindle

 Sex : Female altered and Not chipped

Contact phone: (415) 828-5737


Bimba is a very sweet and affectionate fostered Pit Bull Terrier in need of a forever home. She is about 2 years old and weighs 40 pounds. She is very smart and is eager to please. She gets along great with other dogs and is super kind to all people. Bimba is crate-trained, walks well on the leash, and enjoys car rides. She has been spayed, all of her vaccinations are up to date, and she does not have any health issues. She would be a great addition to any loving family.

Currently located San Francisco, CA   5/20/24

Penelope needs a new home

image (1).jpg

Name: Penelope

Species: Feline

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 1 yr

color : Black

 Sex : Female altered and chipped

Contact phone: (707) 332-2930


Penelope is a calm beautiful black cat, who loves to nap and snuggles. She loves dry food and staring out the window all day. She’s kid friendly and loves attention.

Currently located Sonoma  ca.  5/20/24

Need a new home for Pepe


Name: Pepe

Species: Feline

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 1 yr

color : Black/white

 Sex : Male altered and chipped

Contact phone: (707) 332-2930


Pepe is a very calm, and loving cat who needs a new home. He’s a year old. We’re Moving and we’re sad that we can’t bring them with us. Hope he can find his for ever home.

Currently located Sonoma  ca.  5/20/24

Sweet Cat Needs a Loving Home


Name: Gunner

Species: Feline

Breed: Domestic short hair

Age: 10 -12 yrs

color : Brown Tabby

 Sex : Male Altered unknown if chipped

Contact phone: (707) 292-8988


 Gunner is a mellow, wonderful cat. We are sad to have to find him a new home, but know his furever family is out there. We took him in when an elderly couple in our neighborhood had to move unexpectedly, but we cannot keep him. He lived with another cat in his last home, and they shared they were best buds. He has been comfortable around dogs and children in our home, and we know he would make a wonderful addition to any family! He loves to lounge in the sun, snuggle up in blankets on the couch, and chase strings and toys. Gunner is believed to be about 10-12 years old, is in great health, and is up to date with all his vaccines. Please reach out with any questions or interest!

Currently located Sebastopol ca.  5/8/24

Two Kitty Best Friends Looking for a New Forever Home


Name: Farley and Baby

Species: Feline

Breed: Domestic short hair

Age: orange tabby, grey tabby

color : 4 years, 10 years

 Sex : Neutered male

Contact phone: (707) 357-3664


Farley and Baby lost their mom recently and are in great need of folks who will take them in and love them forever. These dear kitties were loved to pieces by their elderly mom and have been together since Farley joined the family as a kitten less than 4 years ago. These kitties are great friends. We are in great hopes of finding them a home together, as separation would be very hard on them. Both Farley (neutered male) and Baby (spayed female) are indoor-only kitties and are litter box trained. They are current on their vaccines and in good health, aside from Farley getting crystals in his urine (he requires a special diet).

 Farley is the short haired orange tabby pictured above. He has an adorable kinky short tail and all the charm those orange tabbies are known for. He is loving and social and loves his BF, Baby. Farley is a snuggle bun who wants to spend his nights asleep in your arms. He's inquisitive and just the sweetest kitty one could hope to meet.

 Baby is 10 years old. She's the short haired gray tabby, pictured above, with that beautiful round face and big, soulful eyes. Baby is very shy when she first meets folks but warms up with time. Baby adores her BF, Farley and they spend much time playing together. They have not spent much time with young children and have not lived with dogs. They have lived with other kitties, but it is believed it would be best for them if they were the only cats (in terms of easing this transition for them).

For more information please contact: Louisa or (707) 357-3664 (cell)

Currently located Santa Rosa , CA  Posted 5/2/24

Loving 3 year old male


Name: Caspar

Species: Feline

Breed: Domestic Long hair

Age: 3yr

color : Grey

 Sex : Male neutered and chipped

Contact phone: (808) 799-4570


Casper is a 3 yr old male that I adopted from a private owner at 8 weeks of age he has been neutered and micro chipped by the humane society . His annual shots have been given by VIP pets. He had a female companion for 1 years and was adopted by a friend a week ago. I’m relocating to Hawaii and can’t take Casper with me due to pet restrict at my new place. He is an indoor cat and vet independent. He has not been around children or dogs. He is quiet yet has lots of love and likes to be petted. He like to play with hus toys and has 2 cat towers.

Currently located Santa Rosa , CA  Posted 4/19/24

Orange Tabby Sisters

cat_collage (1).jpg

Name: McKinley/Shasta

Species: Felines

Breed: Tabbies

Age: 10 yrs

color : Orange 

 Sex : Females spayed and chipped

Contact phone: (415) 497-0322


I have two beautiful orange female tabbies that I need to find a new home for. We did have a busy home, but sadly, my spouse passed away in May 2022 and my oldest child has left for college, so the two of us left are not around as much to give them as much love and attention that they deserve. We adopted them as kittens from the Humane Society together in the Fall of 2013 and were told that they were sisters, and even if they might not be, they slept together like Yin and Yang when they first came home. Shasta (short-haired), is the innocent, food motivated, playful one of the two and it seems that at times, thinks she’s a dog (see attached pics). We call McKinley (long-haired) our Diva because she has this long stride walk worthy of a Queen. They clean each other, play, fight, share space just like siblings. They were used to a busy home prior to our family tragedy, but now it is quiet. They are mostly indoor cats, but rush to get into our backyard any chance they can get and ALWAYS come back by scratching at our back doors. McKinley will do better with kids a little bit older so they understand not to surprise her from behind or grab her tail quickly without petting her. McKinley gives us kisses and Shasta gives everyone a hello by rubbing up on their legs when they arrive. We have had to split a small cup of food twice a day because Shasta will eat from each bowl. They have two side-by-side litter boxes which we transitioned to when they got large enough. The photos don’t do the green of McKinley’s eyes justice. We hope that you can provide another wonderful phase of life for these two.

Currently located San Rafael , CA  Posted 4/17/24

Lover boy

img_1762.jpeg (1).jpg

Name: Dior

Species: Canine

Breed: Mix

Age: 6 months

color : Black

 Sex : Male

Contact phone: (504) 491-6350


 i do not know much about him. he was dropped off & abandoned in my care from previous owner. he is a puppy so he has a lot of energy & he is good with other dogs & children. with the right training & love & affection I believe he would turn out to be an amazing dog. i can not keep him due to my health & living situation. Willing to travel to deliver if needed.

Currently located Clearlake, CA  Posted 4/17/24

Sweetheart that needs a new home

signal20200925075820 (1).jpg

Name: Sweetheart

Species: Feline

Breed: Tabby

Age: 13 years

color : Brown/Black

 Sex : Female spayed and chipped

Contact phone:(617) 930-1371


Sammy is a sweetheart l, in an heart broken to have to give her up but in mobbing and most places have carpet and don't allow cats. She grew up with her brother who recently passed away 2022 unexpectedly. She is 13 years old, is shy but warms up after a short period. She does not do well with dogs. She loves to snuggle and is a lap cat. She reminds me more of a dog. She comes when you call her and loves to be brushed.

Currently located Sonoma Posted 4/11/24

Little Solly


Name: Solly

Species: Canine

Breed: Mixed

Age: About 7-8 weeks

color : White/black

 Sex : Female un-spayed and not chipped

Contact phone: (520) 727-0700


I found this puppy living in very poor circumstances .. she was living in a trash heap . She was tick and flea infested. Dirty scared and alone
Awful . She didn’t walk she crawled getting as close to the ground as possible I Called animal control . They did nothing . She said as long as the puppy had food and water there was nothing they could do . … so I got the puppy and took her home . She was so scared . She’s an adorable Black and white pup .later that night , I picked more than 20 ticks off her before I bathed and used the flea and tick stuff on her . I’ve had her since Thursday . It’s remarkable how they can change so rapidly in so short a time once they feel safe .she never had a toy before or played . She has prospered in all the love and attention. She eats well … still learning how to play and can be unsure sometimes . Basically she sits by me . I can tell she would be a loyal and loving companion . Perfect for kids or a single woman . I’m willing to meet you half way for a meet and greet . She has stolen my heart and I want the best for her

Currently located Douglas Arizona  Posted 4/8/24

Nice little female

img_20230727_114459_kindlephoto225081907 (2).jpg

Name: Tawny Jade

Species: Canine

Breed: Mix

Age: Almost 2 yr

color: Tan

 Sex: Female unaltered and no chip

Contact phone: Tawny Jade


Her name is Tawny. I took on this responsibility to teach her the basics. She's house broke leash trained and knows a few commands, She can fetch, sit, lie down, come here, stay, I can toss her treats and she can catch them. She can be stubborn at times. She talks to you when she wants to go outside. She loves riding in the car. She loves the car. She doesn't have to be going anywhere, as long as I'm there she's happy. Gets along with people after she gets to know them, same with animals. She likes humans better. She has a lot of energy. Since she is barely two years old. She's not a big dog, but she's not small . I live in a small place which is hard for her. She needs to have more space to stretch her long legs. As far as activities goes, she just likes to "go" no matter where.

Currently located clearlake  Posted 4/6/24

Adorable 1-year-old Pitsky with the Bluest Eyes



Species: Canine

Breed: Mix

Age: 1 year old

color: Tan and white

 Sex: Male neutered and chipped

Contact phone: (415) 272-9792

 Email :

We fostered Moose and have spent 3 months training him with help from Alpha Dog in Mill Valley. He is very social, and great with other dogs, kids, and adults.
Would be perfect for a young family or an active individual. Moose is high energy, tons of fun, and not looking for the quiet life :-) His husky qualities are present so an owner with previous dog experience would be great.
His shots are current, he’s neutered and house-trained.
We want to make sure his forever home is a perfect fit. As foster parents, we can be flexible and patient and will do all we can to support a transition.

Currently located Mill Valley Posted 4/4/24

Sweet neutered Feral


Name: Little brother

Species: Feline

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Age: 3 yr

color: Black/Brown/white Tabby

 Sex: Female

Contact phone: (310) 400-2817

 Email :

I've been feeding this friendly cat for a while. Tried to find the owners via social media, flyers in the neighborhood and a message on his collar asking to call me if it's your cat. I had him neutered as a feral cat, since no one came forward. I can't keep him because my cat doesn't get along with him, and my cat was hospitalized recently for a life
threatening urinary blockage brought on by stress.

 Currently located in Napa ,  posted 3/26/24

Zack wants a home


Name: Zack

Species: Canine

Breed:  Mini Poodle

Age: 7 yrs 3 months

color: grey/Black

 Sex: Male Canine

Contact phone: (707) 326-0397

 Email :

Zack lives with me and age has me going to live in a senior complex. Zack is 7yrs old b Jan 2017
he is crate trained both house and car. He is full of energy and needs to be walk or large yard.

 Currently located in Oakmont Santa Rosa ,  posted 3/16/24

Handsome goofy loving pitbull looking for perfect forever family

screenshot_20240227_013319_chrome (1).jpg

Name: Fidget

Species: Canine

Breed: Pitbull

Age: 3 yrs

color: grey

 Sex: Male Altered

Contact phone: (707) 591-6850

 Email :

Thank you for taking the time to read to read our post
The gorgeous guy you see here is Fidget He is an approximately 3 yrs old, 55 pound, male Pitbull Terrier. He is neutered & up-to-date on all shots. Fidget is house broken, leash & create trained. He's gotten along with other dogs, But unfortunately cannot live in a home with cats due to his prey drive (which we can discuss in more detail). Fidget was a stray pulled from an overcrowded shelter in Modesto & is currently located in Cloverdale, California in Sonoma County. Fidget is amazing! He's absolutely loving & seems to appreciate everything you do for him, which he happily let's you know with kisses! He's athletic & active, but will happily just cuddle on the couch with you holding hands. For real! This dog loves to hold hands!!! It's the most endearing thing! He's smart & Very treat motivated! He knows some basic commands & would benefit & truly blossom with obedience classes. Fidget has a super comical & unique personality, which goes along with his unique smile! And guess what!? Fidget Just won one of the categories in North Coast Journal's pet photo contest, "The face only a mother could love" So he's got some fame under his collar! Lol. As you can see he has a cleft lip! It really doesn't give him any trouble. And we can speak further on it if you're interested in knowing more or would love to meet me!

 Currently located in Cloverdale ,  posted 3/16/24

2 Beautiful Tabby Cat Sisters

cat_collage (1).jpg

Name: Shasta & McKinley

Species: Felines

Breed:  Orange Tabbies

Age: 10 yrs

color: orange and white

 Sex: Females spayed no chip

Contact phone: (415) 497-0322

 Email :

I have two beautiful orange female tabbies that I need to find a new home for. We did have a busy home, but sadly, my spouse passed away in May 2022 and my oldest child has left for college, so the two of us left are not around as much to give them as much love and attention that they deserve. We adopted them as kittens from the Humane Society together in the Fall of 2013 and were told that they were sisters, and even if they might not be, they slept together like Yin and Yang when they first came home. Shasta (short-haired), is the innocent, food motivated, playful one of the two and it seems that at times, thinks she’s a dog (see attached pics). We call McKinley (long-haired) our Diva because she has this long stride walk worthy of a Queen. They clean each other, play, fight, share space just like siblings. They were used to a busy home prior to our family tragedy, but now it is quiet. They are mostly indoor cats, but rush to get into our backyard any chance they can get and ALWAYS come back by scratching at our back doors. McKinley will do better with kids a little bit older so they understand not to surprise her from behind or grab her tail quickly without petting her. McKinley gives us kisses and Shasta gives everyone a hello by rubbing up on their legs when they arrive. We have had to split a small cup of food twice a day because Shasta will eat from each bowl. They have two side-by-side litter boxes which we transitioned to when they got large enough. The photos don’t do the green of McKinley’s eyes justice. We hope that you can provide another wonderful phase of life for these two.

 Currently located in San Rafael  ,  posted 3/15/24

Sweet Penelope is looking for her new forever home


Name:  Penelope "P"

Species: Canine

Breed: Jack Russell terrier mix

Age:10 yrs 4 months

color: Tan

 Sex: Female spayed and chipped

Contact phone: (707) 708-6649

 Email :

Penelope is a spayed terrier mix. Fully vaccinated. She currently lives in a mellow home. She gets along with older children ages 5 and up as well as cats and other fixed dogs. She is house and crate trained. We are looking for a new home for Penelope because we are about to welcome our 2nd child and her needs exceed what we are able to offer. She is a sweet snuggle buddy who would be the best friend for someone who loves to walk and cuddle. 

 Currently located in Windsor ,  posted 3/14/24

Sweet gray pit bull


Name:  Lola

Species: canine

Breed: Mix/ pitbull

Age: 1yr 2 months

color: Grey

 Sex: Female un spayed and not chipped

Contact phone: (707) 758-9496

 Email :

Lola a sweet and friendly one year old Pitbull. She loves walking, hiking and even running alone the bike. She likes other dogs and always wants to play. She doesn’t mind cats nor kids. Very friendly. She loves her toys and bones.
She is trained to not pull while walking and is creat trained. We are rehoming her because we recently got the opportunity to work from home from our house in Costa Rica. We plan on traveling back and forth though out the year and have no one to watch her.

 Currently located in Sonoma ,  posted 3/6/24

Will you be my forever home?

kona (1).jpg

Name: Kona

Species: Canine

Breed:  husky

Age: 6

color: Sable

 Sex: male neutered no chip

Contact phone: (707) 396-1082

 Email :

Our small family lives in a small space where it's rather mellow, yet fun and playful. We try to be outside whenever we can, even in fall and winter months. Kona loves kids, is very affectionate, wants all the pets but isn't much of a toy guy. He isn't one to play fetch much but likes some tug toys. His favorite toy is his monkey which may need to be replaced about now. Kona makes friends wherever we go. He loves visiting the dog park to play with friends, to run and get out some energy. Kona was potty and crate trained as a puppy, is familiar with sit, up, lay, off, here/stay, commands but may also be a bit of a selective listener. He needs regular brushing and to be groomed when needed. Kona is a good boy and we've been lucky to have each other as long as we have but after a divorce and moving with two children, I'm unable to afford a home where Kona is allowed. My boy needs a home that is forever, where he isn't labeled and rejected for his breed.

 Currently located in Sonoma ,  posted 3/6/24

Sweet shy doggo looking for a better home


Name:  Anubis

Species: Canine

Breed:  Mid sized Shepard/Husky Mix

Age: 4

color: black and tan

 Sex: Male neutered and chipped

Contact phone:(707) 217-8622

 Email :

Anubis is a very sweet but very shy mid size 30 lb. dog. He currently lives in a busy family home with two other little dogs and a kid. He is fully house trained. He loves to play fetch and chew on toys. He loves adventure walks/hikes but is very shy around other people and animals. Sometimes he gets reactive on the leash but is redirect-able and usually just hides behind his person. He sits for treat and *usually* goes to lay down when told. He loves snuggles and sleeping on your feet and will steal your pillow once you leave the bed. He’ll go in his crate when we leave but will break out of it if you don’t latch it and bungee it tight. We keep him crated when gone cause he does like to steal things and chew them up when alone. He’s especially scared of men while he will warm up to most men, after 3 years he has never warmed up to my husband and might do best in a man free home.

 Currently located in Sebastopol ,  posted 2/28/24

Rehoming Young Lab

img_4900.jpeg (1).jpg

Name:  Tobi

Species: Canine

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 10 months

color:  Black

 Sex: Male unaltered and not Chipped

Contact phone: (707) 699-0677

 Email :

Our home is a very busy house we are always moving around and doing activities and Tobi loves to follow me from room to room. He was bitten once at a dog bark and is now cautious with other dogs but is still curious and interacts but is very cautious now. As for people he can’t get enough of meeting new people and making you feel welcomed every time he gets very excited to see you come home and greets all with a jumps and excitement. He is potty trained and will always announce when he needs to leave by standing at the door or barking and crying if you miss that signal he will have an accident. He is not fully trained but listens and understands his name when spoken to and will sit on command especially when you have a treat for him. His favorite activities are walking around the block and playing chase with anything he gets a hold of he loves you running behind him while he has a toy in his mouth any ball with keep him entertained for a good while. Sadly due to us having to move houses soon our new landlord doesn’t allow pets at the location we’ve tried everything we can but can convince him so we need to find a proper home for him soon preferably someone who can be with him a lot and allow him inside the house he is very much a inside house dog and prefers the inside.

 Currently located in Napa CA ,  posted 2/15/24



Name: Wilbur

Species: canine

Breed: Maltipoo

Age: 3 yr

color:  white

 Sex: Male neutered

Contact phone: (415) 465-3300

 Email :

3 year old male Maltipoo. we fostered the dog from a home in San Jose Friday night and now the owner doesn't want him back. I am in Sonoma. He doesn't fit our life style, he's a handsome male, very active healthy dog. I have his papers and he is up to date on everything.

 Currently located in Sonoma CA ,  posted 2/6/24

Rehoming Ginger

04cbe1abd5e24b5eae3ab25478117235 (1).heic

Name: Ginger

Species: Australian Cattle

Breed: Canine

Age: 8 yrs

color: White/Carmel

 Sex: female/ spayed

Contact phone: 

 Email :

She is an Australian Cattle dog mix of some sort…. We are guessing around 60ish lbs. We think she is around 8 years old. She is great with people, but has a “trigger” with some but not all dogs. She was a rescue from a kill shelter and then fostered first by her now owners, our neighbors, who adopted her 2 years ago. Unfortunately, her current owners are older and the husband is now ailing and the wife just cannot take care of her any longer.

 Currently located San Rafael  CA ,  posted 1/30/24

Pippa needs a new home


Name: Pippa

Species: Canine

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 9 yr

color: Black and white

 Sex: Female / spayed

Contact phone: (415) 516-3569

 Email :

Pippa’s owner recently died, and she needs a new forever home. Pippa is 9 years young, lively, enthusiastic and affectionate. At a recent veterinary evaluation, she was given a clean bill of health. She has some vision issues, but it doesn’t stop her from enjoying her favorite game, fetch! Pippa weighs about 35 pounds. She is spayed, house trained, and eats a typical dry food diet. Pippa wants nothing more than to please you and play fetch. Please contact Kelton to meet Pippa.

 Currently located  Sonoma CA ,  posted 1/23/24

Friendly adult male cat


Name: Simba

Species: feline

Breed: Tabby 

Age: 6

color: Orange and White tabby

 Sex: Male neutered

Contact phone: (707) 322-5593

 Email :

This is a very friendly and mellow young adult cat that simply needs a cat lover to appreciate him. He is an orange tabby named Simba.

 Currently located  El Verano CA ,  posted 1/18/24

Sweet Ace needs a home


Name: Ace

Species: Canine

Breed: Standard Poodle

Age: 4 

color: Apricot

 Sex: Male, neutered not chipped

Contact phone: (415) 412-1359

 Email :

 We have a 70 pound, standard poodle, male, altered who is being fostered in Sonoma County. Fosters are leaving on 1/20. Dog is afraid of men. And yesterday bit a dog that was off leash (small puncture wound). We have not been able to get him adopted or find a foster. We are trying to keep him out of the shelter.

 Currently located Sonoma County, CA ,  posted 1/18/24

Young Cattle Dog Mix, beautiful Ben

72197146650__a35ae6144c62461996a4512503077e9f.jpeg (2).jpg

Name: BEN

Species: Canine

Breed: Cattle dog mix

Age: 18 months

color: Fawn

 Sex: Male neutered and chipped

Contact phone: (707) 225-7901

 Email :

Re-homing Ben do to health issues. Ben is about 18 months old, he would do best as the only pet in the house as he loves your undivided attention. He is a great companion, house trained, crate trained, no medical issues or allergies. He eats Costco premium food, is neutered, loves walks (he does become anxious when he sees other dogs and pulls me), loves hikes. Ben would do great in an active household, he would be a great walking, jogging, hiking companion. Ben is 32 lbs., a cattle dog mix.

 Currently located Sonoma, CA ,  posted 1/18/24

Gorgeous Maine Coon Sisters


Name: Pixie and Minx

Species: Felines

Breed: Maine Coons

Age: 5

color: Torties

Sex: Females spayed

Contact phone: (510) 393-1327

Email :

We are hoping to rehome two majestic purebred Maine Coon cats. They have been wonderful pets to my parents who are now too elderly to look after them. They are a matching pair of two tall and gorgeous tortie sisters in peak health named Pixie and Minx. They are indoor kitties who like to have their own “me time” but are also very playful and affectionate with their owners. We have lots of cute photos and videos of them!

 Currently located Sonoma, CA ,  posted 12/22/23

Loving cat


Name: Meiko

Species: feline

Breed: Domestic short hair

Age: 8 to 9

color: Mostly white  and black

Sex: Female spayed not chipped

Contact phone: (707) 508-7334

Email :

Fully housetrained, very friendly, loves affection, not afraid of dogs, indoor cat.

 Currently located Sonoma, CA ,  posted 12/12/23

Zuki, red heeler Needs home now

9120.jpeg (2).jpg

Name: Zuki

Species: canine

Breed: Red Heeler

Age: 4.5

color: Mottled brown red white

Sex: male neutered and chipped

Contact phone: (707) 321-1170

Email :

4 1/2 year old red heeler. Male, chipped.

House trained
Needs some work on basic commands but very smart and loving
Needs space to run or get exercise everyday
A lot of energy but wants to please.
Needs new home ASAP. Owners are getting relocated and cannot bring him.
Time is of concern here.
All paperwork on his history is available

 Currently located Occidental, CA ,  posted 12/7/23

Velcro heeler, Levi


Name: Levi

Species: Canine

Breed: Blue heeler mix

Age: 4 years

color: Blue and white

Sex: Male Neutered and Chipped

Contact phone: (707) 331-5815

Email :

Levi is a 4 year old blue heeler mixed with border collie. He is bonded to his brother, Maverick, however when he's bored, he does well away from him. He is a major love bug and velcro pup. He enjoys lounging around, cuddled up to someone. At first he is very timid, but once he is comfortable, he won't leave your side. He loves playing fetch or chewing on his bones. He is crate trained and house broken. He does well around other dogs, but is unsure about cars. He responds to his name and knows how to sit. Other basic commands are still being worked on. He does walk well on a leash, but not sure about off leash walking.

I am looking for a new home for him because I am moving from a home with a backyard to a single room that can't accommodate him.

 Currently located Hidden Valley Lake ,  posted 11/28/23

Loveable blue heeler mix, Maverick

screenshot_20231126100315 (1).png

Name: Maverick

Species: Canine

Breed: Loveable blue heeler mix, Maverick

Age: 4 years

color: Blue and white

Sex: Male Neutered and Chipped

Contact phone: (707) 331-5815

Email :

Maverick is a blue heeler mixed with border collie. He's 4 years old. He's very energetic. Love's running around and playing with other dogs. He enjoys his chew toys, but no soft toys. He is housebroken and crate trained. He knows how to sit when told, but other commands, he's still working on them. He walks well on a leash, until he sees another animal, and then he will pull.

Unfortunately, I need to rehome him, because I am moving from a home with a backyard, into a single room that can't accommodate him.

 Currently located Hidden Valley Lake,  posted 11/28/23

Bring Scooby home with you

20231108_211618 (1).jpg

Name: Scooby

Species: Canine

Breed: Chihuahua terrier mix

Age: 2yrs

color: Tan

Sex: Male Neutered

Contact phone: (707) 217-3961

Email :

Scooby is a great little 2yr old dog that is great with kids and other animals. He's 10-12 lbs. Hes crate trained and potty trained and obeys basic commands but could use more training. He loves to go on walks and play fetch. He barks at strangers but stops once he gets to smell them and be around them. He loves to snuggle and show affection. Ive been fostering the dog for almost a year but can no longer keep him due to my living situation changing. The family that I was helping cannot take him back.

 Currently located SantaRosa, CA ,  posted 11/25/23

Bonded Pair of Blue-Eyed Tabbies URGENT!


Name: Marcel (male) and Paloma (female)

Species: Feline

Breed: Tabby

Age:  7 and 8

color: brown, tan with blue eyes

Sex: Females spayed

Contact phone: (650) 619-7805

Email :

Mama (8 yo) and son (7 yo) have beautiful big blue eyes and little pink noses. Looking to adopt them as a pair. Marcel (son) is a curious explorer who loves cat nip. He will study your facial expressions to see if you’re open to having him in your lap. If you’re not, he’ll settle nearby. He’ll greet you at the door. Paloma (mama) is very chill with little bursts of playfulness. She’ll reach her paw out as you walk by to let you know that she would enjoy some petting. Both are very independent and don’t require a lot of interaction. They’re indoor cats that love catios and sitting in windows in the sun watching birds.

I’m heartbroken to put my babies up for adoption. I’m moving to the east coast at the end of December to care for my elderly mother who is sick and very allergic to cats. Marcel and Paloma are very shy toward strangers so I need someone who is very patient. They are both very healthy and urgently need a loving home.

 Currently located Sonoma, CA ,  posted 11/21/23

Fugi needs a home


Name: Fugi

Species: Feline

Breed: Domestic short Hair

Age: 1 yr 8 months

color: grey and white

Sex: Male Neutered, chipped

Contact phone: (425) 572-4675

Email :

Fugi wandered into my daughter's apartment and stayed. My daughter moved out of state for work, so he needs a new home.
He's about a year and a half old, vaccinated, and neutered. He's an indoor cat, and used to a relatively quiet routine.
Fugi doesn't enjoy being picked up, but he is sociable and loves to be close; he will frequently insist on head and neck scratches, and will let you know when he's had enough. He's quiet and very good with his hygiene (including the litter box).
Fugi is not a cat-loving cat, but he tolerates the chihuahua mix dog he is currently staying with.

 Currently located Sonoma, CA ,  posted 11/21/23

Gigi the dreamcat looking for a playmate

gigi_cathy_fisher (1).jpg

Name: Gigi

Species: Feline

Breed: domestic long hair

Age: 4

color: Black with red highlights

Sex: female spayed and chipped

Contact phone: (707) 372-3359

Email :

Hello, I'm looking for a home for this sweet girl. Gigi is 4, black with red highlights, med-long hair. She loves other cats, and is cautious with new people but warms up after a short time. She's social, loves to sit on your lap and get brushed and petted, but is not overly needy. I adopted her from PL in 2020 to be a companion for my now 7 year old female cat. But this first cat has not taken to Gigi at all in the 3 years I've had her, and Gigi clearly wants a play buddy. Since Gigi is still young, it hurts my heart to think she won't have a friend to play with for the remainder of her years. She's a dream cat, so sweet and happy, and wants to have fun and run around part of the day. I’m hoping to find a home that is a better fit for her. I love her, but I also want her to have a playful social life. I picture her with another cat who also is into playing and maybe cuddling. She is currently an indoor cat with fenced backyard access, she uses the litter box great. Let me know if you'd like to chat, thank you for reading, Cathy :)

 Currently located at owners home  ,  posted 11/10/23

Sweet pup needs a new home


Name: Luna

Species: canine

Breed: Lab/Mix

Age: 5 months

color: black 

Sex: unaltered female, has microchip

Contact phone: (707) 363-4157

Email :

Luna is a 5 month old lab mix brought home by my granddaughter. She is a busy puppy and she needs more space and individual attention. I have other dogs and 3 is too much for me. She gets along with the11 month rescue who 60 lbs and the poodle terrier mix who is 12. She is teething and needs chew toys. She eats like it’s her last meal on earth. She needs more exercise than I can give her. She is good with children. She is house trained.

 Currently located at owners home  ,  posted 10 /31/ 23

Needs A Home


Name: Buddy

Species: canine

Breed: Burmese Mountain Dog

Age: 7 yrs

color: black white brown

Sex: Yes/ Unsure if the pets chipped

Contact phone: (707) 996-8308

I took in this gorgeous 7yo big boy recently when one of his owners passed away and the remaining caretaker was overwhelmed. I myself am retiring and moving out of the county soon and unable to bring him with me. He used to live with two dogs (one small one large) and they all got along beautifully. I have 2 cats and they co-exist, but haven't expressed a desire to snuggle or argue either way. He wants nothing more than to cuddle, and walks gently on a leash. He also loves car rides, and will let out a mighty but friendly bark or two if he sees another dog out and about. Getting him out of the car can be a challenge sometimes.

He is a big boy and will need a strong adopter to make sure he can't pull them over (he sometimes gets excited to meet new friends, or walk faster). He is already neutered current on vaccinations until March 2024.

 Currently located Sonoma, CA  ,  posted 10 /26/ 23

Sweet, loyal and playful


Name: Daisy

Species: Canine

Breed: chihuahua mix

Age: 10 months

color: Blonde and Tan

Sex: Female Spayed and chipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (415) 515-5610

We currently live in a busy home with 2 kids, 2dogs and a cat. Daisy is house and crate trained (at night). She has a lot of toys to play with and does not chew/play with anything besides her toys and socks. She is very territorial and cannot take it when another pet gets attention. She buys the ears of our other animals, and has bitten us when she knows it’s time for bed. The biting is the main reason she cannot live in our home with children and other pets.

 Currently located Sonoma, CA  ,  posted 10 /21/ 23

Australian shepherd foster puppy


Name: Shadow

Species: Canine

Breed:  Australian shepherd

Age: 4 months

color: Black / Tan

Sex: Male unaltered

Contact email:

Contact phone: (408) 836-6797

Happy puppy looking for his forever home. We are fostering a 4 month old Australian shepherd puppy. We took him and his sister in as the person who had them could no longer care for them. He is smart (learned “sit” in 10 minutes), plays well with big/small dogs, loves people and fine with our 3 year old. He loves playing with his stuffed squirrel but will play with pretty much anything! He isn’t yet house trained only because we can’t fit all the rescue puppies in our tiny house at this time.

 Currently located Santa Rosa Ca   ,  posted 10 /17/ 23

One of a kind young puppy


Name: Buddy

Species: Canine

Breed: Jack Russell mix

Age: 10 months

color: Tan

Sex:  Male

Contact email:

Contact phone: (510) 542-6651

Buddy is a very excited dog loves a lot of attention. He is a heavy shooter, which does not work well for my nine year old we currently live in a three bedroom townhouse, but he has been an inside dog with routine bathing and walks. We have tried everything to help with the shedding, including medication for my son this has not worked we have tried everything. But he is an excellent dog at 10 months old.

 Currently located Napa Ca   ,  posted 10 /10 / 23

Needs A home


Name: Buddy

Species: Canine

Breed: Lab/Husky mix

Age: 10 months

color: Black

Sex:  Male , Not chipped or neutered

Contact email:

Contact phone: (707) 721-7361

We are unable to care for it properly and we can no longer have him in our rental home

 Currently located Sonoma CA,  posted 9/7/23

Poncho In Need of a home


Name: Poncho

Species: Canine

Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: 8/9 yrs

color: wht/Tan

Sex:  Male

Contact: (415) 314-9607 email:SAMMYBUONO@GMAIL.COM

About Pancho:

My husband and I adopted Pancho back in 2019, he was my first baby and holds a very special place in my heart. When we adopted him, they guessed that he was about 4-5 years old at the time, meaning that we believe he is about 8-9 years old now.

Pancho is a mixed breed for sure, but we/his vets guess that he is mostly long haired terrier & Portuguese podengo or Parsons russell terrier. He is about 16lbs and could stand to lose a few pounds, as that is a little heavy for his size (food is his love language, and mine ).

The wonderful parts about Pancho...

Pancho is a true snuggler, and it is his life passion to burrow under the covers and curl up next to you all day everyday. He would love to go on a walk with you everyday, but also doesn't mind if you skip a day here and there, he is very easy going when it comes to activity level and doesn't need tons of exercise. As long as you come home to him everyday with lots of petting and time to cuddle- he is happy as can be. He is also used to a working family, so he spent work days (6-8hours) home alone each day, during that time he was in our living room with access to the patio via a doggie door.

He has lived a spoiled life with us, getting to sleep in bed with my husband and I, and being allowed up on the couch with his humans, so he will expect and want this in his next home for sure.

Pancho is potty trained and dog door trained. We live in a condo with a small patio, and he takes himself in and out throughout the day to use the bathroom. He will however avoid going outside in the rain, so laying some puppy pads out by the dog door is helpful on rainy days.

Pancho is leash trained, and is a wonderful walking companion for a leisurely stroll (he wants to stop and sniff all the things- so cardio workouts are not happening while walking him), he does really great on leash.

Pancho knows a few helpful commands already, "Sit", "Wait", and "Ok".

Pancho is not a big barker, unless he hears something outside. He's a wonderful security system and protector! He will not bark all day when left home alone, in fact he is very quiet and will sleep almost all day long. But, he does bark quite a bit when someone knocks on the door. His barking has never been a problem with a sleeping baby at home, so barking wasn't ever an issue for us.

He will be extremely loyal and connected to his person as soon as he gains trust. He is also very handsome, takes a great photo, and looks wonderful in a bandana.

The challenging parts about Pancho...

Because Pancho was let down by humans for so many years before we found him, he has a hard time feeling at ease with people and life around him sometimes. He does not do well with children/babies, and it took him some time (a couple of weeks) to warm up to my husband. He also gets nervous when other men are over at our house and approach him, so we believe men to be a source of past trauma for him. However, he does not randomly attack any men that come into our home, he just doesn't enjoy being approached, pet, or picked up by them until he gets to know them.

He is in great health other than that he has an inflamed/partially slipped disc in his back that doesn't affect his daily life other than maybe once a year when he has a flare up which a few days of crate rest and an anti inflammatory takes care of quickly- but, if he is picked up abruptly or in a wrong "twisted" way, he can react due to pain. He also has some allergies, we have found that chicken seems to be what causes his allergies to flare up, so keeping him on a food without chicken has done wonders for that. Pancho is neutered and microchipped as well.

Pancho can also be a bit reactive to other dogs, typically larger dogs. He would not do well in a home with another dog that is larger than him, or a high energy, jumping, puppy like dog. We brought a puppy home in 2020, Frida, and while it took Pancho a few weeks to adjust to her, he is the best companion to her ever now (separating them is another source of heartbreak for me). They are playful together and get along without issue now, but this was due to a lot of work put in by my husband and I in acclimating them- I wouldn't recommend introducing him to another dog in the home, but especially a larger, active, male. He would do well with another older, lazy, mind their own business kind of dog though. Dog parks are not Pancho's happy place, he prefers solo outdoor time and should remain on a leash at all times to avoid any reactivity with other dogs.

Pancho has a hard time with groomers/grooming. He had a traumatic incident at a groomer about 9 months ago and now has a very hard time with haircuts and nail trimming. I have found the best way to take care of him in that way is to bring him to a very trusted groomer with some sedatives to help relax him and get the job done, or he will also allow his person (me, or the next person he trusts) to cut his nails and trim his hair, but very slowly with lots of pets, treats, and reassurance in between cuts and clips. He handles being bathed at home in our bath tub or at a self serve dog wash place just fine, the tools used for cutting nails and trimming hair seem to be what make him nervous.

All that said...
I am hopeful that you may know someone who is the perfect person to share their home and their love with Pancho. While it was hard for me to write out all of his challenges, it is a super important part of who he is, and setting him and his next human up best for success. It is absolutely killing me to have to be here now, but I am optimistic about a new home that will make him feel more supported and at ease as well. He truly is such a loving and wonderful dog, but our home is no longer best for him.

Please reach out to me if you know someone, and if you don't, sharing this any way you can to get the word out in helping me find his perfect match would be so appreciated.

 Currently located Concord CA,  posted 9/13/23

Baloo - sensitive, sweet, high energy 1-year old Pitt mix looking for a new home


Name: Baloo

Species: Canine

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Age: 10 months

color: White

Sex:  Male neutered and chipped  

Contact email:

Contact phone: (916) 716-6489

We adopted our sweetheart of a Pit Bull puppy, Baloo, from a litter posted on Craigslist when he was 2 months old in December. Baloo was supposed to be a small lab mix, but turned into a big ol' Pitty. He and our other pup Butterscotch have been best friends since he came home, but now he is too big (already 60 lbs at 10 months) and too energetic for us to keep him. As he has entered his adolescence phase Baloo has developed stranger anxiety and we are working with behavior trainers to curb this behavior/fear as quickly as possible. Unfortunately he now plays too roughly with his elderly sis- she tries to hold her own but as she continues to age she will not be able to. He is both house trained and crate trained. He has attended Petco and Marin Humane puppy training series classes, is smart and easily trainable (with treats of course!) has “posses” of pups and people at our local parks, and is SUCH an adorable cuddle-bug. He follows my husband and me around the house- he really loves to be around his "people." We love him SO much and want to find him a wonderful new home soon.

 Currently located SAN RAFAEL, CA,  posted 8/24/23

White long haired kitty looking for home



Species: Feline

Breed: DLH 

Age: 3 years 

color: White

Sex: female

Spayed : spayed and not chipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (707) 309-1982

This is molly ! She is a part of a very busy home and she is an indoor cat. She has never been very loving of the outside. She is one out of 4 cats that I own and is very friendly with other cats but would probably honestly be happier being a single kitty in my opinion. She is very vocal and loves to have the attention just on her, she loves laser pointer and loves anything that moves quick and fast. She also absolutely loves boxes haha. She is house trained to an extent, she goes to the bathroom where she Is supposed to and has never gone anywhere else (unlike my other kitties ). Other than potty trained that’s pretty much it. She does not know any tricks but goes honkers for treats (she’s too chunky tho so she can’t have too many! ) for her I am hoping to find someone who is going to provide her with tons of attention and love. She will do fine In a home with one other cat but I do prefer she does not go to a home with more than one other cat, from my experience I feel she would really thrive as a single kitty. She needs someone who will be able to give her the time and attention she deserves. I’m also hoping to find someone who will allow me to just check in every once in a while to make sure she is doing well.

Located in Glen Ellen ca., posted 7/13/23

Big cuddle bug!


Name: pixie

Species: canine

Breed: Chawiener

Age:  14 years

color: Black

Sex: female

Spayed : spayed 

Contact email:

Contact phone: (402) 461-9448

Pixie is a fixed Chiwiener mix. She was born 07-28-2009. She has been attacked and almost killed twice by 2 different big dogs. So she has a lot of anxiety around bigger dogs. She is a huge sweet heart that loves to cuddle with you and sleep under your blankets if you allow. She has allergy problems and is constantly scratching or licking herself. We do get her allergy shots every couple of months. She loves to sleep, she really doesn't play any more due to her age. She loves to go on walks and smell everything! She has shown more separation anxiety due to us working out side of the home, and we don't have the availability to be at home with her. Her ideal living situation would be someone that is home a lot, so she isn't left by herself for long periods of time. She currently sleeps in a small fenced in area, in the living room, and more and more over the last few weeks, she is waking us up all hours of the night. She doesn't like to be in her cage, but we don't like her wandering around the house.

Located in Sonoma ca., posted 7/8/23

Lobo needs A home


Name: lobo

Species: canine

Breed: Husky

Age: 4 years

color:  Dark Brown/Tan 

Sex: Male

Spayed : spayed and chipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (530) 383-9069

Lobo is a husky 3 years, very friendly with kids. He is good inside doors or outside doors. He does understand basic commands and i been use tricks for him. Love to run plays with other dogs, i walk with him everyday. He is very protective and calm. I recently have to move to a smaller place and I can have him.

Located in Sonoma ca., posted 7/8/23

Jack Russel Terrier: 4 year old spayed female

img_0619.jpeg (2).jpg

Name: Eve

Species: canine

Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

Age: 3 years

color:   white and brown

Sex: Female

Spayed : spayed and chipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (707) 535-6851

Fetching balls, toys, frisbees, etc.
knows how to sit, lie down, shake & load into crate
Does well in crate for car rides (no car sickness)
Loves Running
High Jumping abilities- she can easily jump 4 feet in the air without much effort.
Excellent agility dog potential
Affectionate & sweet
Crate trained
Smart & trainable
Leash trained (pulls a lot but knows how to walk properly with attention and cues/ reminders)
Off leash trained (needs a very confident, attentive and consistent person)
Dog and cat friendly- usually is submissive
Kid friendly with kids who understand and respect dogs.

Requires consistent rigorous exercise and playtime several times a day.
Requires a very attentive, consistent and confident presence in her people.
Easily distracted and overstimulated. Vibration m/ shock training collar helps corrections.
She will dig or jump out of an enclosed area outside if left unattended.
No toys left unattended with her. She will destroy them.
Crate time is necessary if your attention is not % on her.
She can’t be left alone or unattended in your home, a
room, car, etc unless she is in her crate.
She can be crated in between walks, playtime, runs
etc. -She requires a towel to cover her crate because
any visuals are too stimulating and cause barking &
Not going to place her in a home that has small animals living alongside her. No birds, chickens, rabbits, Guinea pigs, reptiles, etc. she has not hurt or killed one of our little animals but, it’s just an accident waiting to happen and just too challenging for her to be around.
No babies or toddlers or small children who do not understand how to communicate and respect dogs.

Summary of Eve’s Needs for her best life:
We want a better lifestyle for Eve. We can’t provide her enough attention or the exercise and lifestyle that she requires. We have too many small animals and big open spaces that don’t Work well for her and her chasing/ running instincts.

She would be great for someone or a family who can exercise and play with her often. She does require a very confident dog handler/ person to be on her very best behavior. She is not a dog for a first time dog owner or for a former couch potato dog owner. She is extremely high energy but, tons of fun if you have the dedication and the time.

Located in Petaluma , CA. Posted 6/14/23

Rehoming or surrender


Name: Pumpkin and Benji

Species: canine

Breed:  Germán Shepperd and mix

Age: 6 and 5

color: black and brown and light brown

Sex:   Female/Male

Spayed : spayed and chipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (650) 834-6315

Pumpkin is a female German shepherd almost 6 years old and fixes
Benji is a mix that's 5 years old and fixed
Both are house trained and kennel trained
Does not like cats or kittens
Get along with pups haven't really had them around dogs
Pumpkin had been trained Benji hasn't had any training,
They both are loving dogs, and love children

Located with owner , CA. Posted 6/14/23

Loving Female English Bulldog


Name: Matilda

Species: Female

Breed: English Bulldog

Age: 3 1/2

color: Brindle with a white Belly

Sex:   Female

Spayed : Spayed and microchipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (707) 287-4302

Matilda is 3 1/2 Years old. She is a very loveable English Bull Dog. She is great with people and with kids of all ages. She loves attention from humans but is not good with other dogs. Needs to be in an only dog household. We are broken hearted to have to rehome her but she has become aggressive with our older dog. She needs to find a good home with no other dogs in the house. She has been fixed, chipped, and is house trained.

Located in Petaluma , CA. Posted 5/17/23

Senior Chihuahua mix seeking calm home


Name: Chloe

Species: Canine

Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund

Age: 11

color: White

Sex female spayed and chipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (650) 307-4434

Chloe is an 11-year old, 12 lb Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. As she's gotten older, she's gotten more anxious and nervous around our 1-year old son. She tends to get a little nervous around new dogs, new people, and new situations. But once she warms up to you, she really just enjoys the simple things: cuddling in your lap, snuggling under blankets, and sunbathing in any ounce of sunshine she can find.

Chloe would do really well in a home where someone is home pretty consistently, and would do well with other dogs. She has lived with big and small dogs in the past, but would probably not do well with cats or young children. We are hoping to find her a loving and calm home in her older age.

Located in Corte Madera, CA. Posted 4/18/23

very loving and sweet dog


Name: Sancho

Species: Canine

Breed: Pittbull with Bulldog

Age: 8 yrs 

color: Tan

Sex/altered: Male, neutered, microchipped

Contact email:

Contact phone: (707) 304-2694

Our home is pretty mellow. Sancho is very social, loves attention. His favorite activiti going out for a walk. He is house trained. Sancho is a very loving and sweet dog, we had him since he was a puppy we are heartbroken but we cant have him at our house anymore because our landlord said we cant have pets anymore.

Located in Sonoma , CA. Posted 1/31/23.

Black kitty needs home

Mercy 8.13.22.jpg

Name: Mercy

Species: Feline

Breed: Medium hair mix

Color: Black

Age: 2 years old

Sex/altered: Male, altered

Contact email:

Contact phone: (707) 732-1522

About Mercy: Mercy is a black cat that currently lives with two small dogs and another cat. He is very loving and a hunter. He would be outside majority of the time if he could, which is sadly the reason I have to find him another home. I got in trouble and face eviction for not being allowed to have outdoor cats where I live and mercy has escaped too many times. They love people and all animals. Mercy loves to play with anyone and anything! They are house trained.

Located in Sonoma, CA. Posted 8/10/22. 

Fuzzy Muppet Needs A home please!

img_1567.jpeg (1).jpg

Name: Fuzzy Muppet

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic shorthair

Color: Black and white

Age: 11 years

Sex/altered: Female, spayed

Contact email:

Contact phone: (415) 302-8834

About Fuzzy Muppet: This sweet girl was abandoned by her owner about 5 years ago. We have brought her into our home 2 weeks ago and have had her fully checked out by our vet. She seems to be about 11 years old and aside from the stress of being abandoned and homeless, is quite healthy.She has a good appetite, uses the litter box and does not scratch the furniture. Although a little skittish, she loves human attention and purrs on demand.
Unfortunately we are not able to keep her and can't bear the thought of putting her out on the street again or into a shelter. She would love to be in a calm loving environment. 

Located in San Rafael, CA. 

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