Microchip Your Pet

Why microchip your pet? 

A microchip for your pet can mean the difference between lost and found. Although tags and collars are important, they can tear or slip off. Microchips are tiny implants that use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Each microchip has a number, which is then registered to an owner. Microchips are NOT tracking devices, they must be scanned by a microchip reader to then find the registered owner. 

Getting Your Pet Microchipped

Pets Lifeline always offers public microchipping for pet owners by appointment. We are now introducing low-cost microchipping clinics, on specific dates. 

Regular public microchipping is $35. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment to microchip your pet outside of our low-cost clinic, please call (707) 996-4577 ext 1. 

We take care of the microchip registration, you just provide your information and bring your pet to your appointment. 

Low-Cost Microchipping Clinic

Low-cost clinic microchipping is $10. 

Next low-cost clinic date: August 25th, 2021

Request an appointment for our low-cost clinic using the link below and we will contact you to confirm your appointment time. Please note that low-cost clinics are only offered on specific dates/times. 

We take care of the microchip registration, you just provide your information and bring your pet to your appointment. 

Once Your Pet is Microchipped

Keeping your pet’s microchip information up-to-date is essential. Pet owners must register their contact information with their pet's microchip number. Microchips are NOT necessarily automatically registered, depending on where your pet's microchip was implanted. 

If you are not sure if your pet's microchip registration is up-to-date, here's what you can do: 

  1. Find your pet's microchip number. If you do not have records, Pets Lifeline can scan your pet's microchip for you free of charge. Veterinarians can also scan for microchips. 

  2. Find the company that your pet's microchip belongs to. Use petlink.net to look up the company using the microchip number, or check your adoption/vet records.

  3. Contact your pet's microchip company and register as your pet's owner, or update existing contact information. You may need proof of ownership, like adoption paperwork or vet records. Contact information for major microchip companies is listed below: 


24PetWatch      Phone: 866.597.2424                Online: 24petwatch.com

Avid                    Phone: 951.371.7505                Online: avidid.com

Found Animals  Phone: 855-738-2447               Online: foundanimals.org

Home Again      Phone: 888.466.3242                Online: homeagain.com

Pet Link              Phone: 877.738.5465                Online: petlink.net