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Pets Lifeline provides animal field and shelter services for the City and County of Sonoma. Click below to see a complete list of animal services we provide.


Shelter and Protection
We take in and care for stray and abandoned dogs and cats, by providing them with food, shelter, medical attention and loving attention. Shelter dogs are walked daily and receive basic obedience training while they are with us. Our resident cats and kittens are highly socialized by volunteers and visitors.


Lost and Found

We coordinate a pet lost and found program to help reunite pets with their owners. Pets Lifeline takes lost and found animal reports both online and at our shelter. When people report a lost pet or stray animals, we can quickly check our records and reunite owners and their pet. Keeping up-to-date identification on your pet is key to reuniting families.


Rehoming a Pet

Rehoming a Pet may be one of the hardest things anyone can do. Pets Lifeline has a new Adoptions by Owner program where pet owners can post a profile of their pet seeking a new home. Click on the link below for additional advice, information and links to submit a rehoming post or fill out a Dog/Cat Evaluation form to surrender a pet. 


Pet Adoption

We place unclaimed dogs and cats into loving, permanent homes. All shelter animals are spay/neutered and microchipped BEFORE adoption. In addition they are seen by a vet and receive vaccinations. Shelter animals are dewormed and treated for fleas. A FREE follow up visit with a participating local vet is part of the adoption package.


Feral Spay/Neuter

We coordinate a program to trap, spay/neuter and maintain feral (wild) cats. Members of the community trap feral cats and bring them to Pets Lifeline for spay/neutering. The cats are then returned and maintained by a colony caretaker. We rent traps to those wishing to participate in this program.


Free Pet Food for Low-Income Families

We provide free pet food to low income families if we have extra food donations in stock. Call us to check if we currently have extra food for your pet.

For more information on the program and how to contribute, please click HERE


Low-Cost Microchipping

We offer low-cost public microchipping and make free personalized ID tags for dogs and cats. Call us at 707.996.4577 to make an appointment for your pet and click below for more information on microchipping.


Spay/Neuter Clinics
We offer free spay/neuter clinics. You can complete and submit an online application here, and we will contact you to schedule your appointment. [Please note that clinics are only open to low-income residents of the Sonoma Valley. Both cats and dogs are welcome, though any dogs must be 25 pounds or less.]
In the meantime, other free or reasonably priced spay/neuter resources are available elsewhere in Sonoma County, and you can obtain more information by clicking the "Learn More" link below. 

Got questions about our Programs and Services?
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