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All Adoptions made possible through the generosity of:

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All of our available animals have received a veterinary health check, basic vaccinations, parasite treatment, appropriate testing (heartworm for dogs and Feline Leukemia for cats), a microchip, and are spayed or neutered. We also behaviorally assess our animals in order to help identify the best home for that pet, and in return, an appropriate match for your lifestyle, family and home. Just as some people prefer quiet, calm pets so do some dogs and cats prefer quiet, calm people! If you do not find a new companion, your application is saved and can be used for other pets in the future (online applications are saved permanently, paper applications are saved for 6 months).

Check out the list of adoptable dogs and cats below. Our adoption listing pages update periodically so checking frequently is recommended. Also, see our new Adoptions by Owner page, which lists even more pets that members of our community are attempting to rehome. 

Great Dane

Canine Adoption Fees
 Puppies $300

Dogs (age 1-7 years) $200

Dogs (age 8+) $75

Gray Cat

Feline Adoption Fees

Kittens $175
or if you bring your carrier $150
Cats (age 1-7 years) $150
or if you bring your carrier $125
Cats (age 8+) $50
or if you bring your carrier $25

Offsite Adoption
To begin the adoption process, 
please complete a form below.
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