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The Bow Wow, Issue #4: Because of You

Your Donations Mean the World

Everyone who donates to Pets Lifeline cares deeply about animals in Sonoma. We are blessed to have tremendously generous donors and it is so clear that you want to be sure cats and dogs in our community are safe and loved. Thank you. This cannot be said enough. Because of you, we have our fantastic new Animal Resource Center on Eighth Street East and an outstanding staff that delivers best in class programs and services each and every day. It simply could not happen without you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A Few Examples of What Gifts Support

Pets Lifeline does not receive any funding from the city or county of Sonoma, but because of our generous donors, we are able a wide array of mission-minded programs and services focused on care, education and prevention. The list is long and you can learn more here. For example, though, take a look at just a few. There's a lot to be proud of here.

Kitten Care and Foster

Kittens!! We take in more than 300 kittens each year and they require around the clock care to survive and get ready for adoption. Cost to get a kitten ready for adoption = $300.

Pandemic Puppies Are Coming Back

And they're BIG! As predicted, many dogs that were adopted as puppies during the pandemic are now being brought in and needing care, training and fostering. Cost to get one of these guys ready for a new home = $750.

Trap, Neuter and Release

This is one of the most successful feral cat programs in the country. Ask us about it.

Tender Loving Paws

We offer low-cost food and veterinary services for Sonoma seniors in need of support.

Spay and Neuter Clinics

We provide monthly spay and neuter clinics to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and the potential for unwanted puppies and kittens.

Humane Education Program

To raise awareness and understanding among young people, we offer after school programs and q 10-week summer camp.

Why These Efforts Are So Important to the Animals

Think about this for a minute. Since it began, Pets Lifeline has adopted over 15,000 animals! Without Pets Lifeline, these dogs and cats would have faced very difficult and potentially, very short lives. Since June of 2021, we've provided shelter and care for 721 animals, found forever homes for 544, returned 103 lost pets to their owners and spayed or neutered 240.

Awareness, education and prevention are key to keeping animals off the streets and in safe, healthy and loving homes. With your help, Pets Lifeline is able to do the work of its mission to protect and improve the lives of cats and dogs in need in Sonoma Valley through sheltering, adoption, humane education and community partnerships.

Thank you!


Pets Lifeline believes all dogs and cats in Sonoma should be safe and healthy and living in loving homes. Every day we work side-by-side with the community to shelter lost and abandoned pets, get them healthy and find them forever homes. Without Pets Lifeline, these wonderful animals would miss the chance to experience their full potential and share their joy with others. #WeLoveSonomaPets

  • For more on Pets Lifeline, please explore our website at

  • Contact us at 707.9964577 if you'd like to visit us on Eighth Street East.

  • Email us at


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