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Emergency Preparedness

Vet Resources

Plan for Your Pet in an Emergency

No matter the situation, there are steps you can take today to be ready to evacuate, shelter in place, or move your pet in the event of an emergency. By being prepared in advance, you will have peace of mind knowing you can take action quickly to protect yourself and your pets. Below are basic tips we recommend to prepare for an emergency. Take a look at the ASPCA  and CDC emergency preparedness pages for further information, including livestock safety.

Create an Emergency Kit for Your Pet

Your pet's emergency kit should include: 

  • A sturdy leash, harness, and/or carrier for safe transport. Remember that animals can resist transport or handling when stressed. 

  • Food, drinking water, and bowls. If your pet eats canned food, don't forget to include a can opener. 

  • Pet waste bags and/or cat litter pan plus litter. 

  • Pet medications and copies of your pet's medical records, stored in a waterproof container. 

  • A photo of you and your pet together, for identification and reunification purposes in case you and your pet get separated. 

  • Information on your pet's feeding schedule, medications, and behavior, plus your veterinarian's contact information, in case you have to house your pet at a foster home, kennel, or shelter. 

  • Toys and bedding/blankets for your pet. 

  • A pet first aid kit. 

Make an Emergency Plan

Knowing where to go with your pet in an emergency is crucial. In Sonoma County, some emergency shelters are co-housed, meaning that people and pets can stay at them together. 

  • Research where you can safely house your pet. This could be with a family member or friend, a kennel, or a pet-friendly hotel. Keep in mind that these places should be outside of your immediate area, in case you need to evacuate. 

  • Choose a "designated caregiver" for your pet. Discuss the responsibilities of caring for your pet with them, should the need arise. This is important in the event you have a medical emergency, or are unable to make it home during a disaster. 

  • Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations. 

  • Get your pet microchipped and keep your registered contact information up to date. Pets Lifeline can microchip your pet for you at low cost. 

Local Emergency Resources

Check out Sonoma CART (Community Animal Response Team) for more information on pet disaster preparedness and helpful resources on safety and evacuation. Save their hotline number in your phone in case you need to call for animal search and rescue in the event of a disaster: (707) 861-0699. 

Find comprehensive information from the County of Sonoma on preparedness, alerts, active emergencies, and recovery. 

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