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Sweet, Cheerful, Active, Loving McDreamy by Francesca Zanin

May 18, 2016

Is your family looking for a sweet loving dog? Well, I think your search is over. Mc Dreamy is two colors – brown and white. He is an adorable 1 ½ year old Pit Bull Mix. Mc Dreamy is medium size. He is also very muscular looking. Mc Dreamy has very light green/yellow eyes. He is a male.


Mc Dreamy is a loving dog. He loves to play with kids and people in general. He is very active and loves to play with toys. When I was there he was very friendly. He would lick my hand through the fence.


A good outcome for this dog would be for him to get adopted to a loving family. He needs someone to play with. If there is no one to play with, he would play with his toys. Mc Dreamy is a loving dog waiting to be adopted.

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