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Simba - Adorable, Playful, Cute by Elena, Joselyn, Jimena, Natalie, Nayeli, Valeria

May 18, 2016

When we saw Simba at Pets Lifeline we all fell in love. Let us tell you about the cutest dog we’ve ever seen.  Simba is an adorable puppy. He is brown and white with a cute black nose. His ears go inwards and are big like bunny ears. His eyes are cute and his tail curls in.

Simba is playful and spunky. He was nibbling on our fingers and rubbing on our hands. At first he was hiding, but then he came out and entertained us. He licked our hands.

A good place for Simba would be a house with kids and other dogs. He needs to play and go on walks every day. He could sleep with kids, too. They would care for him.

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