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Presentation Elementary School Spring 2016

Fantasy Stories About Natalie

by Sarah Stone's 4th Grade Class

Natalie and the Adventure

by Nicole Patterson


If you counted all the owners Natalie had you would guess one, but Natalie’s had three. Let’s just say Natalie doesn’t listen. Maybe they are blinded by what a great dog she is. Well, her owner Kelly is not blinded at all. Kelly is OBSESSED with Natalie. Kelly also thinks Natalie is the best dog in the state. One rainy day in December Natalie goes on a walk with Kelly. Natalie starts tugging. Kelly slips and falls on the wet cement. Natalie runs off.


Chapter Two

Lost in the City

It had been hours from the last time Natalie had seen Kelly. Natalie was mostly worried about having the kennel take her. Natalie was trying to think that wasn’t possible because she had a collar and her every day dog clothes. Finally someone found her and returned Natalie. Although it wasn’t just her and Kelly. There were Kelly, her mom, and her little sister Chelsea and Natalie became jealous of not getting attention any more. Natalie was furious! She was jealous! She was mad! Natalie wanted to do something about it, but of course Natalie couldn’t do anything about it. Natalie was thinking about getting in the way every time they would leave the apartment, but that wasn’t going to work. So Natalie was just going to deal with it.



The End

by Daniel Pucci


Natalie had a very long adventure. If you want to find out keep reading. Once upon a time there was a dog named Natalie. She was two years old and sand colored. One day in the year 4000 Natalie was on a plane, and then out of nowhere a meteor hit their plane. The plane started to spin around and around. But Natalie’s cage was gyro, so Natalie could not feel the movement, and when the plane hit an island Natalie passed out. An hour later Natalie woke up. Natalie also lived with a cobra named Cobra. Natalie tried to wake up Cobra. He finally woke up after a minute. Cobra had no idea what happened.

When Natalie and Cobra went outside they saw the island. It wasn’t super big but it was big enough for both of them. The next day they were looking for food. They found a mouse for Cobra and plums for Natalie. When they were done they walked around a little more. They saw a man sitting there. The man saw them and said, “Who are you?” Then Natalie said, “I am Natalie and this is my friend Cobra. I bet you can tell what he  is.” The man said, “Yes, I can tell what he is, but why can you talk to me, and what is that glowing green thing on your neck?” “Oh, you mean my dog-com. It translated my voice into English, but I can change the way it translates,” said Natalie. “Okay, but one more question. What is that golden button on it?” Natalie thinks for a second, then she says, “ I don’t know. I should press it.” “Okay,” said the man. So Natalie pressed it. It made a weird noise, then a person came on. Natalie said, “Hello! We’re stuck on an island.”  “Okay,” said the person. An hour later they saw a helicopter. They all climbed up the ladder and made it home.!


The End

The Lost Island

by A.J. Luby


One day a dog and her owner Alexander were flying to Australia. But the plane crashed on an island. Natalie and the animals that crashed were Bailey the Beagle, and Bull the Bulldog. They were all together and they all went to the jungle, and Bailey said, “This is one spooku jungle.” Soon Bull said, “I see torches,” and all the dogs ran over to the light. Natalie sneaked around the bushes and then she said to the dogs, “Let’s go and talk to the rat.” So they did, and Bob the leader of the tribe introduced himself and his friend Palu the Parrot next to him. So Bob made Palu get the town folks to set up a feast. Bob the rat asked the dog if they want to live on the island next to Bob’s. So Bob had his town folks build dog houses. Bailey’s was made out of birch. Bull’s was made out of the jungle. Natalie’s was made out of oak. So the dogs lived next to Bob’s island forever.


The End

Dog Night

by Lauren McKinley


Natalie, a cute Terrier mix, is excited because her owner Annabell is taking her to a dog park. “All right, Natalie, time to take you to the dog park,” said Annabell. “Yay!” said Natalie. At the dog park Natalie met a dog named Lily who is a Chihuahua. “Do you want to play in the pool?” asked Natalie. “Yes,” said Lily. Then Natalie and Lily jumped into the pool. “This is so much fun!” said Natalie. “Natalie, time to go,” said Annabell. Lily and Annabell said goodbye.


Later that night in the middle of the night Natalie snuck out of the house and over to Lily’s house. “Lily,” said Natalie, “Are you here?” “Yes,” said Lily from behind her. “Do you want to come back to my house?” asked Natalie. “Sure,” said Lily. So they went to Natalie’s house. “Your house is big,” said Lily. “Let’s go to bed,” said Natalie. So they went to bed.


The next morning when Natalie woke up she noticed Lily was missing. “Where is Lily?” said Natalie. “Natalie, come here,” said Annabell. “Why do I see mud in the doorway?” “I don’t know,” said Natalie. “Did you sneak out and get Lily and then bring her here?” “Maybe,” said Natalie. “Well, if you want to see Lily let’s go to the dog park. Sound fun to you?” asked Annabell. “Yes,” said Natalie. At the dog park Natalie saw Annabell and Lily’s owner talking and laughing. Then she saw Lily and they all became friends.


The End

Tokyo 2020

by Audrey Clark


“Beep! Beep!” goes Natalie’s alarm clock. She wakes up, gets dressed, and has her morning cheese. The phone rings, and she answers. It’s Sherman! He says he’s going to be in the Olympics. Natalie wants to come and watch the tryouts.

The next day Natalie wakes up. “It’s the big day, “ says Natalie. She does her morning routine and walks over to Sherman’s doghouse. He is using the fire hydrant so she waits. A few minutes later a limousine drives up and they drive away.

Natalie gets to the building and sees three hurdles and a tunnel. She jumps the hurdles and goes through the tunnel. The judge says she’s going to Tokyo and she didn’t try to.  Natalie gets to the airport and the speaker says, “Flight 23 is boarding in three minutes.” “That’s my flight,” she says, “and I haven’t gotten through security.” She runs, gets through security and sees a flight that’s going to Tokyo so she sneaks past the flight attendant and goes to Tokyo.

Natalie gets to Tokyo and goes to her hotel room. Three days later it’s the day of her event. She gets dressed and wins a gold medal! Natalie and Sherman have a victory party.


The End

The Water Park

by Emmi Harris


Natalie is a happy Terrier mix because of Lulu. Lulu is a young girl who plays with Natalie and takes her to the dog park. One day Natalie got taken to the dog park and met Veeder, a German Shepherd mix. Veeder was a giant dog to Natalie. Natalie thought Veeder was a bad dog but all he did was drop his ball at Natalie’s feet. Veeder heard his name and looked toward Bella, his owner who was talking to Lulu. Veeder grabbed his ball and ran towards them. Veeder overheard that Lulu was going on a trip to the water park and Bella was watching the dogs. The night before Lulu left, Veeder came to Natalie’s dog house and they waited until Lulu came out to the bus. The dogs climbed in the bus behind Lulu.

After that, they got to the water park. The dogs came out after Lulu. Then the dogs went to a pool with a very high diving board and a waterslide. There was also a tall trampoline in the middle of the pool. Veeder went down the waterslide when he saw Natalie behind him. Veeder did not know if a small dog should be riding a very tall slide. They fell off of the waterslide and into the freezing cold water. Veeder swam to the edge. He saw Lulu walking toward him. Veeder saw Natalie and told her he saw Lulu.


Then the dogs ran to a tree they could hide behind. Lulu saw a fluffy tail behind the tree. She ran over but the dogs ran out of the way and jumped into a pool.


Finally, Lulu stood next to the pool. Natalie popped up and saw Lulu. Luckily, Lulu did not see her. Then Lulu turned around and saw Veeder. Then Lulu saw Natalie come up. Lulu was amazed how the dogs got there. She brought the dogs into the bus and they went home.


The End

La La Land

by Donovan Riebli


Date: 4020, August 22, my birthday! I had just woken up. The time was 6:00 AM. I couldn’t wait so I ran down the hall, opened the door to my mom and dad’s room and started yelling, “It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday!


At 12:00 AM I went into my creek but I was on high alert for alligators. But when I walked around a tree I heard something rustling in the bushes. When I looked it was a rainbow colored alligator baby! So after that I brought it home. I was four years old.  Six years later I thought it was dead so I did what most kids do. I pushed him down the toilet.                                                                                           


That same year my parents got me a dog named Natalie. She was from the pound. When we got her she was twenty years old in dog years. On the night of my birthday party I watched her sneak out the back door. I followed her. Then she got eaten by the rainbow colored alligator!  By the way I named the rainbow colored alligator Jake. When I said, “Jake come over here,” he leaped into a rainbow colored swirl! He was gone for a few seconds, then when I turned around there he was. So I told him to eat me. Then he did and I ended up in La La Land because I was hoping I might find Natalie that way. In La La Land there were wang doodles, fleedle floppers, and heedle highers and most important of all was Natalie! It was amazing. It was every kid’s dream, and we lived happily ever after.


The End

Natalie the Superhero

by Chase Bromstad


Once there was a dog named Natalie who was the best superhero in the state. She and her sidekicks were waiting for a call to come up. Then Natalie gets a call that she and her sidekicks have to save the town. They fly all the way there and when they get there, they try to get the super villain. But he locks them in an underground tunnel. There is just one way to get out and it is fifteen miles away, so they start flying there. When they get there it is midnight.

After they get out they go up to base camp to try to track down the super villain. When they track him down they fly there and they try one more time. When they get to the place where he is they start to fight again, but this time Natalie and her team win. They take him to jail and he gets arrested. Now all of their work is done for the day so they go back home to sleep.


The End

Secret Agent Natalie

by Dane Hansen


Many people across the globe would say dogs are man’s best friend. Most dogs would say humans are nice and feed you. But Natalie, a Terrier mix and Otto, an Aussie (Australian Shepherd) would say a few humans are mean. Natalie and Otto are part of the S.A.D.C. or the Secret Agent Dog Club.


Anyway, one day Natalie and Otto went on a walk and they saw something that made them mad: thirty or forty dogs were being captured by the DOG POUND! The dog pound is the S.A.D.C.’s worst enemy in the world. Natalie and Otto knew they had to save them…

When they got home, they started making a plan, but Otto was not paying any attention. Instead, he was dining down on a delicious snack: a shoe. But Natalie knew what to do at least.


Their plan was genius. When they did another walk, Otto and Natalie got off the leash and ran to the dog pound. Once they got in, Otto and Natalie jumped on Petey, the manager. He thought they were cute and he took them home. After they were fed at night,  they grabbed the keys and ran to the pound. They unlocked the cages and set all the dogs free! Mission success! 


The End


by Sonny Calder


Once there was a dog named Natalie and she decided she wanted to be a movie director, so she started hiring filmers and actors, and producers, etc. That took her a whole year, so when she actually started making the movie, it was the year 1965. She found a perfect place in Hollywood to film it. She made friends with the filmer and the actor. Their names were Talor and Kelly. Talor was the filmer and Kelly was the actor. Then her friends helped her sell tickets and then she put out the movie. She put it in theaters all over the city. The movie was called “Stuck” and was about a dog who was stuck on an alien planet and lived with the aliens.

After that she became a very famous movie director and lived a very happy life with her friends and family. She bought tons and tons of cheese and got into sports and athletics to stay healthy and fit.


The End

Trouble in Hollywood

by Sadie Gilbert


Once upon a time there was an actor named Natalie. She has a chance to be in a famous movie. The movie is named, “The  movie is named ‘The Girl Who Made History. ‘ When she got the offer she was in Hawaii.

Then she got the offer to the movie. So she went home to Hollywood to tell her sister Bella about the movie offer. When she got home she told Bella about the job offer. Next Bella asked, “Where is the movie being shot?” Later that day Natalie said, “It is being shot in Sonoma!” “What!! Do you know how far away that is? Hollywood – that is fine, but Sonoma is out of the question!” Bella said in a mad way. “But do you know how important this is to me?” said Natalie angrily. “What is the name of the movie?” asked Bella. “The movie is called ‘The Girl Who Made History,’ said Natalie trying not to be mad at her sister. “I guess I could ask the director Mack to move the movie to Hollywood,” said Natalie in a sad way because Natalie has never been to Sonoma before. Then Natalie called up Mack who was the director. Then Natalie asked Mack about moving the movie to Hollywood.

Mack said, “Sure, why not?” “Thank you so much,” said Natalie. Then Natalie finished her movie and she, Mack, and Bella lived happily ever after.


The End

Lights! Camera! Action!

by Hugo Black


A dog named Natalie was on a jet with her trainer when, BOOM! A window cracked and Natalie was hurtling to earth. She tried to fly like when she was acting in a movie, but no. She would hit earth in 3! 2! 1! But no. She fell in a pond. Next she managed to get to land with a broken leg. She barked and barked till finally a duck came over and said, “Are you okay?” “No, I broke my leg.”


The duck said, “I’ll be back with help.” Five minutes later a man wearing a white jacket came. He was a vet. He grabbed her and took her inside. The duck was there with her. She came out with a cast, and two days later she wanted to go back to my trainer. So she asked the duck to come with her, and the duck said , “Yes.” They walked and walked and then saw Los Angeles. She said, “My trainer’s there in one of those. I’m an actress you know.”


When they got to the city they walked studio to studio. At the last one she saw a poster. It said, “Lost Dog” on it. The picture was hers. But then someone came and took the poster off the pole and tossed it away. Natalie looked inside the studio and another dog was there that looked like her. The duck said, “That is just cold!” She ran away but the duck pulled her back. “Go in there!” Finally she went in and her trainer came running. “Natalie! There you are, girl” Natalie looked back. The duck had left, so she ran. Five minutes later she brought back the duck and barked. Then her trainer said sure, he could be in the movie too. And now the duck is her best friend in the show business.


The End

Natalie and Oscar’s Amazing Adventure

by Lilah Hamner      


Once upon a time there was a young Terrier mix. Her name was Natalie. She was playing in her yard when, “Wee! Wee!” It was a dog whistle. “Yum, dinner!” exclaimed Natalie. She raced toward the building, but she found a hot air balloon on her way to the building. Her friend Oscar the cat said, “Do you want to come along on a hot air balloon ride?” “Of course!” exclaimed Natalie, and off they went.

They flew for a long time. Natalie was getting starved. Just at that moment  they saw land. “I bet there’s cheese there!” said Natalie. They landed and looked around. Pyramids, pyramids, and more pyramids. “We must be in ancient Egypt,” said Oscar. “Ya,” said Natalie. They walked around for hours trying to find cheese, but there was nothing and nothing and also nothing. But wait…there is something – a tomb, a tomb with pictures of cheese on it. Natalie opened it. A cheesy mummy popped out and started chasing them. Natalie found a stick and, Wham! She hit the cheese with it and it popped into a million pieces. “Yum,” Natalie said eating some.


The End

The Catch

by Sarah Juhaz


It all started when Natalie and I bought two tickets to a baseball game. We were so excited! It would be Natalie’s first baseball game. Finally, the big day arrived. Natalie chose to wear her favorite baseball cap, blue and red, and her green t-shirt. 


When we were on our way, we ran into Woofie Dog, the best player we’ve ever heard of.  Then, when we were getting a dog biscuit and a bag of popcorn, we saw Jimmy Woof. Everybody has heard of this baseball player, as well. Soon, we sat down in our seats. We were very interested.


Natalie was almost finished her biscuit when something amazing happened. Goldy Growl threw the ball to Jimmy Woof, who hit the ball with the bat in his mouth, and it went flying in our direction!

Natalie tilted her head up and opened her mouth. The ball flew right in!


After the game, Woofie Dog and Jimmy Woof signed her ball. Now, we play fetch with it every day.


The End

Natalie’s Huge Adventure

by Sebastian Lema


Once upon a time there was a dog called Natalie. Natalie is a small dog. She was on a business trip heading to Dubai accompanied by Bob, Ted, Joe, and their boss. The boss is a very fierce, muscular dog. The jet was a very fancy jet and was special for a business trip for a business. The jet had seventeen seats facing each other. There was also a table, not too big, to put coffee and papers on. Suddenly, when they were talking BOOM and then another BOOM. Then Natalie said, “What in the world just happened?” Three minutes later the pilot made an announcement. Both propellers overheated and blew up. They all started screaming. They were going down and fast. The air cabin started to lose pressure. The masks didn’t come out. Then all went quiet.

A couple days later Natalie woke up. She was in a huge wreckage with a bit of water in the cockpit. Very muddy water not nearly good for drinking. Natalie was dying with thirst and hunger but mostly thirst. Soon she found all the others under seats afraid to get out of cover. Natalie said, “Stop being a scaredy cat.” Soon they figured that the plane had crashed into a shallow swamp. The first thing they thought was they needed food and water. Natalie found a couple bowls for water. They decided that Natalie, Bob, and Ted would hunt while the Boss and Joe would find water. Natalie, Bob, and Ted started sniffing for food right after they decided they wanted a white tailed deer. When they were sniffing Bob found a faint scent of a white tailed deer. Natalie spotted the deer in a bush feeding on some leaves. It was very hard to catch it but they did eventually catch it. When they got back Joe and the Boss were waiting for them. After they ate and drank they started walking to find home. Soon when they were walking they saw a cottage that said, “Please knock.” After they knocked a man said, “Yes, come in.” Natalie told him about their adventure and he said he’d get them a flight back home first thing in the morning. After the flight and drive they all got home and lived happily ever after.


The End

Natalie Green

by Nino Veronese


Once at Nexas Elementary School of Dogs, there was a co-president. The co-president is Natalie Green. Natalie has two best friends, Bob Nate and Natalien Shaw. They were playing at the playground and all of a sudden they hear a BOOM! They look everywhere. Nobody noticed the BOOM! Then Natalie said, “What was that? to Natalien. Natalien said, “Let’s get out of here.”  After that they run to the principal’s office, but it was blown up!


Chapter 2

They go to the library and the librarian was on the floor. They looked past the library, but it was blown up too! Books were everywhere. They went outside, then they saw a bomb on the ground. They ran and grabbed it then saw a bad dog dropping bombs everywhere! Then, they ran after him and called the police before he got away.


Chapter 3

They send him to jail and celebrate. Then Natalie saw a police car having the siren on the street.


To be continued!

Natalie and Allie

by Makenna Davis


First Natalie got on a plane, then Natalie got off the plane. Then the next day Natalie went to the beach and went swimming in the ocean. And Natalie found a bunch of shells. Natalie made a friend at the beach. Her name was Allie and she was very nice. Allie was a black Lab dog, and at the end of her tail she had a little bit of white. She was a pretty dog. And then they went to get ice cream together. Natalie got strawberry ice cream and Allie got vanilla ice cream. Natalie is a Terrier mix with a little tan in her and she has brown eyes. Her favorite food is cheese and her favorite colors are purple and orange.


The End

Natalie’s Big Swim

by Koen Flocco


“When are we going to be there?” I asked my dad. “Fifteen minutes, “ he said. “Hey, I can see Vegas!” “Yes, there it is,” says my mom. “See that building up ahead?” said my dad. “Yes,” I said. “That’s our hotel.” “Wow! It’s big, “ I said. (15 minutes later) “Natalie are you tired?” I said. Natalie gave out a big yawn. “I am too,” I said. “Koen.” “Yes, I said.” “We are in Room 307” “Ok,” I said. “Let’s go into our room and go to sleep.” “Ok,” said my mom.

The next morning I wake up and see that Natalie isn’t in our room. I wake up my mom and dad and say, “Have you seen Natalie?” “No,” my mom and dad say. “Then let’s go and fin her,” I said. We go downstairs and look around. No Natalie. I ask someone at the front desk if they have seen a smaller dog. “Yes,” he said. “Really?” I said. “Positive,” he said. “Where did she go?” I asked. “Out that way, “ he said. “Thanks,” I said. “Hey Mom, Dad! He just saw a dog go out that way.” I said. We look around the whole resort. When we are at the pools I say, “I wonder if Natalie’s here?” “Wait a second! Is that Natalie?” said my mom. “Where?” I said. “Over there in the wave pool,” said my mom. “Now I see her,” I said, “but she is wearing a snorkeling mask and swim shirt.” I said. “Why?” my dad said. “I don’t know,” I said. “Now she is riding the wave toward us, “ my dad said. Natalie ran towards us. After that we all get in the wave pool and play around. (12 hours later) “It’s too bad we couldn’t stay longer, “ I said. “It was expensive,” my mom said. “Still it was fun,” I said. “I think Natalie thought it was, too, “ my dad said.


The End

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