For your convenience, listed below are all Sonoma and Napa Valley animal shelters and local agencies.


Pets Lifeline

19686 8th Street East, Sonoma | ph. 707.996.4577

Serving Sonoma Valley, as space permits


Sonoma Police Department

First Street West, Sonoma | ph. 707.996.3601

Serving City of Sonoma


Sonoma County Animal Care & Control

1247 Century Court, Santa Rosa | ph. 707.565.7100

Serving all unincorporated Sonoma County, City of Santa Rosa, and Town of Windsor


Petaluma Animal Shelter

840 Hopper Street, Petaluma | ph. 707.778.4396

Serving City of Petaluma

Humane Society of Sonoma County

5345 Highway 12, Santa Rosa | ph. 707.542.0882

Serving City of Santa Rosa


Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

301 J Rogers Lane, Rohnert Park | ph. 707.584.1582

Serving City of Rohnert Park and Cotati


Healdsburg Animal Shelter

570 Westside Road, Healdsburg | ph. 707.431.3386

Serving City of Healdsburg


Marin Humane Society

171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato | ph. 415.883.4621

Serving all of Marin County


Humane Society of Napa County

942 Imola Avenue, Napa | ph. 707.255.8118

Serving all of Napa County


We receive daily reports of missing cats and dogs as well as animals found by responsible citizens. Please see above for found animals.  If your animal is listed above, you may come to the shelter anytime between 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week to reclaim them.  Otherwise, come by the shelter to fill out a Lost Animal Report, complete a report online, or leave a message at 707.996.4577 x100 at any time.  In the meantime, please review below information for helpful steps to recover your lost pet.   

Important steps to recover a lost pet:

1. Call/visit ALL shelters in your area.

For your convenience, listed above are all Sonoma and Napa Valley animal shelters and local agencies.   

2. Create a flier with a recent color picture of your pet.

Include information on the pet's breed, age, sex, if spayed/neutered, area lost, date lost and who to contact. If you have moved recently, post the fliers in your old neighborhood, your new neighborhood, and areas in between. Pets sometimes travel long distances to return to an old home. Also check listings of found pets in the paper. In the Sonoma Valley, check the Sonoma Index-Tribune. 

3. Call the local vet in case your animal was brought in for treatment.

Ask veterinarians to post your flier in their reception area. 


4. Place a lost pet ad in your local newspaper.

If your pet is a mixed breed, give a description of the pet's size, build, hair length, etc.


5. Talk to neighbors and ask them to watch for your pet.

Give them a copy of your flier. If you have lost a cat, ask neighbors to check garages, sheds, crawl spaces and other areas your cat may have been trapped. 

6. Continue looking.
Don't assume your pet has been stolen. Someone who finds your pet may hold onto it before bringing it to a shelter. Pets have been returned months, and even years, after disappearing.