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Stories about Stevie by Sarah Stone's Class

May 18, 2016

Sweetie Stevie

           by Annabella Curotto

Stevie is a sweet, playful cat who would be good to adopt. Stevie is a kitten who is a feline and 5 months old. She has gold eyes and she was found as a stray. I think she is very sweet and I think she is very playful. In my opinion she is one of the sweetest cats I have ever seen because she is nice and she has soft fur that is so cuddly. I would love to have her in my lap and pet her. Stevie is really beautiful. I love Stevie’s mixed color fur. Stevie is so lovable and very peaceful. She has a rough tongue, sharp teeth, and sharp claws. Stevie is a DMH. In my opinion I would love to adopt Stevie because she is really nice. I think a good home for Stevie would be a family that would play with Stevie. I feel she will have a lot of fun at her new home.



The Cat Stevie Story

          by Amelia Reilly

Stevie the cat has potential like no other cat. She is a cute cat. Stevie is a smart cat. Her paws look like mittens. Stevie is a fluffy cat. I would play with Stevie because she is a playful cat. Stevie has gorgeous gold eyes that sparkle in the sun. Stevie would be a great pet because she loves people. Stevie is a pretty cat. Stevie loves to cuddle with people. I would hold her because she is a lovable cat. I think her tail is pretty soft. Stevie is a peaceful cat who likes to take naps. This is why I think Stevie would make a lovable pet for a lovable family.



All About Stevie

         by Nino Fredrickson

Stevie should be adopted because she is soft and playful. She also smells like candy. In addition, she is ADORABLE! Good owners for Stevie are people who are sweet, nice, and playful, too. A good place for Stevie is a small and cozy place for a small cat like Stevie. The toys Stevie would like could be a small fish and a bell. I bet you would like Stevie because she is also really easy to spot and she is the best cat ever! I think if you adopted Stevie you would have a cat that you would love.

Stelthful Stevie is on the Case

            by Thomas Collins

Stevie is the best cat at Pets Lifeline because she is a gold eyed cuddle bug. The fluffy feline is on the case with her cute pink nose and her super claws. I want to adopt her because I feel happy and peaceful around her. It seems perfect to sit next to her while I read or do homework. I want to play, run, and have fun with Stevie. I think Stevie is awesome. She is a fluffy bag of joy and cuteness. She is a leaf on the tree of wonderful cats. The amazingly cute feline is so adorable. I want to adopt her so much. I just think Stevie is amazing.



Stevie the Super Cute Cat

          by Lillian Kaer

Would you like to meet a great cat named Stevie? Stevie is a female kitten who is super cute and loves to play. She is a domestic medium hair five month old kitten. She looks super playful. I think Stevie looks super playful because her eyes are so bright and her paws are so tiny. It looks like Stevie would like to climb on a shelf. Stevie looks like a really good cat to have. I think my dad would like to have Stevie because he loves playful kittens. She almost looks sleepy but at the same time she doesn’t. Her eyes are gold and she’s a camel-grey color. Her eyes and her fur match really well. Her ears look so perfect. It almost looks like she’s wearing socks or mittens. Over all, I think Stevie is a really great cat.



No Ordinary Cat

          by Parker Wilde

This is a story about no ordinary cat. This is the story of the great Stevie. Stevie has the most soft, furry, colorful fur that man and woman have ever seen. I think Stevie would need a good owner who admires her fur. Stevie is the smallest cat ever on earth. Stevie’s paws are fluffy as mittens. Her ears are as pointy as a giant needle. Her eyes are as beautiful as the moon light. I feel like she is a very calm but hyper cat, and that is the story of Stevie.

Stevie’s Story

          by Julia Sandoval

Stevie is a five month old pastel calico. If you like cuddling you will probably like Stevie a lot. I think Stevie deserves a happy life because she was a stray, and that was probably hard for her. I think Stevie is cute and fluffy, and a lot of people like that in little kittens. She is a DMH with cute white paws and a long tail. I think Stevie is an awesome adorable kitten. I would be surprised if you didn’t want to adopt Stevie. Stevie is just so cute it’s hard to resist not wanting to just pet and hold her. Stevie looks super playful and fun, too. She looks pretty smart, and I think she knows what’s happening. Over all, I think Stevie is a great kitten to adopt.



Star Stevie

          by C.D. Steffensen

I’m going to tell you about a super cute cat named Stevie. I think she has very fluffy fur which makes her look beautiful. I think she sleeps a lot. When she sleeps she has a crumpled up face. I think she likes to sleep on an edge. I think she is calm and non-playful. I think she would not need a big house. I think she is an indoor cat.

I feel being around calm kids would be a right fit. I think Stevie would need a bed on a window sill. I feel she does not like loud noises. I think she will not like to be left alone. I think kids 18 and older are good.

I think for any holiday there should be no costumes for her. When you do something she does not like I think she stares you down. I think no rushing in the morning would be good. I think she does not like to run fast. I think no picking up is good for her.


Soft Stevie

          by Ben Sebastiani

I think Stevie is a soft cat who has black and white fur. I think Stevie is a shy cat but would like to be in a family with kids. I recommend that the family that adopts her should have a backyard. Stevie has gold eyes and she is very soft. Stevie is a female cat who is normal sized but has a small face. Stevie is also a DMH. She would LOVE to be adopted like most cats.


Super Stevie

          by Kavvy Zoop-Henderson

This is the story of Super Stevie a super cute cat who is waiting to be adopted. She is fluffy and loves to cuddle. A lot of times I want to adopt her. She is soft, playful and funny. She has sharp claws but that is okay with me. She is very smart. I think she is very pretty. I also feel she will get adopted super soon. I think Stevie is really energetic. I feel she is big and is going to grow even more. I think if you give her a toy she will play with it a lot. I feel she will love you so much. She will be a great cat to adopt. I think she will love kids. I feel Stevie will want to make friends and will love other animals.



The Stevie Meister

          by Caroline Keohane

What would you say to adopting Stevie an awesome cool cat who is a DMH pastel calico? I think that she would do well in a household with someone to play with her because she is very energetic. Stevie has very soft fur that is beautiful. Her eyes stare at you with love and sweetness. She is a small cat but she packs a whole lot of awesome in her small body. Stevie is very small and I like that because I think she will adjust well to a new environment. She is very observant and I feel she would do well in a very active family, but they should still spend time with her. Stevie isn’t just awesome, cool, and cute. She is all of the above!


Stevie the Cat

          by Rowan Parker

I am going to introduce you to Stevie the cute cat. Stevie is a small, fluffy playful cat. Stevie needs to be with a family that will cuddle and play with her. I think Stevie should be walked two times a day and taken outside at night to wander with an adult. Stevie should be taken inside to sleep. Stevie is intelligent, so I think an adjustment will be easy for her. Stevie is a great cat to pet because she is very fluffy. Stevie is a calm but also a little jumpy sweet cat. Stevie is a cuddle bug so she might need a friend to play and cuddle with. I am happy that Stevie got a home. I hope Stevie has a lot of fun at her new home.

Stevie the Great

          by Nic Scevola

Meet the greatest cat I have ever seen… well, besides my own cat. Stevie from Pets Lifeline is a great cat to adopt because I think she looks cute and cuddly. Stevie is five months old. I love Stevie’s personality because she loves to play. I love Stevie because she is fun to be around. I think Stevie has the biggest tail I have ever seen on a cat. I think she has really big ears. She also has a really small head. Stevie is a great cat to adopt. I would definitely adopt her.



Stevie the Adorable Cat

          By Beata Blood

Stevie is an adorable kitten from Pets Lifeline. She is five months old and I would love to adopt her! She is a domestic medium hair, specifically a pastel calico. She has beautiful golden eyes and an adorable nose with white whiskers. She was found in a box with puppies and her brother Indica on Riverside. She looks like she might like a lot of toys and attention. She has many beautiful mellow colors. She is very peaceful and loves being held. She has a long tail and small paws. She is pretty small and very fluffy. She is one of the cutest, most wonderful cats I have ever seen. She should be part of a tree of wonderful and amazing, lovely kittens. That is the coolest story of Stevie the awesome cat!



Why I Like Stevie

          by Matthew Chimal

Do you like fluffy cats? Stevie is a very fluffy cat because her fur is soft. This makes her a good kind of cat because I think she’s nice. I think she could be a good pet because I think she’s kind. I think Stevie is a beautiful cat because I like her gold eyes and the color of her fur. I feel like she’s cute because I like her fur color and her gold eyes.



Stevie the Great

          by Gabby Granko

Stevie is a great kitten to adopt because she’s playful in a mellow way. Also she is a very lovable kitten. She is fat and she has long fur. She has gold eyes and her age is five months. She was found on Riverside Drive and is a female. Stevie is very fluffy kitten and only likes to play a little. She has a very cute pink nose. Stevie is a fun kitten to be around. She’s very easy going and has short paws. Stevie is a very happy and cheerful kitten. I think Stevie should be in a home with one child who’s not too active and not too mellow. I feel that whoever adopts Stevie will love her.

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