#GivingTuesday Story: Louie

Louie was found at 3 or 4 weeks as part of a feral colony suffering from what was diagnosed as a respiratory problem and eye injuries. He was brought to Pets Lifeline to receive what became critical medical attention as it was discovered he also suffered from severe gum disease and was treated with laser therapy. Unfortunately the gum disease was too far advanced so Louie just had all of his teeth extracted. Louie is an example of how important our Critical Care Fund is in helping animals with special medical needs get the important care which helps them become healthy again and ready for adoption. As for Louie, despite all of these health issues he is an energetic and playful cat. He will have to be on a wet food diet but his overall health is now good and the best news ever…… he was just adopted!

This couple saw Louie at our Paws for a Cause but because of his dental surgery, couldn't come get him until this week. It looks like Louie is going to live a life filled with love. We are so happy for them all! Please consider supporting pets like Minnie through our Critical Care Fund this #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015 or before at our donation page on LoveAnimals.org

Photo Credit: Rachael Hairston Photography

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