#GivingTuesday Story: Indy

What a love our Indy is! He is a 6 year old male who is a favorite among staff and visitors at Pets Lifeline. Indy was surrendered to a shelter in Santa Rosa as he suffered from a very severe urinary tract infection requiring medical treatment that the owners were not able to provide. The shelter was able to provide the immediate critical care and then reached out to Pets Lifeline last October for longer term care and eventual adoption. Indy will always require a special diet to keep the urinary tract problems from returning. He is a very friendly and affectionate cat who seeks out and loves attention. Snuggling is his favorite activity. Indy is quite a handsome guy who has a certain style about him as a result of his being dressed in outfits by the staff. We are almost sure that he would LOVE to be adopted before the holidays as ridiculous elf costumes and Santa hats are in his near future. The rumor is there may even be reindeer antler headwear in the costume room… Let's save Indy from playing dress up with the staff and help him find his forever home before the holidays. The Critical Care Fund helps cats like Indy who need additional medical support while either awaiting their adoptions or to improve health and then be available for adoption. Without being able to provide the needed medical care for these animals they would not be able to reach adoptable health status. Please consider supporting Pets Lifeline's Critical Care Fund this #GivingTuesday on December 1, 2015

To make a donation now or on #GivingTuesday please visit our donation page on LovingAnimals.org

Photo Credit: Rachael Hairston Photogrpahy

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