Pet Tales - July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July Sonoma! I love this holiday. My mom’s birthday is on the 4th and as a child she always told me the fireworks were for her and for many years, I believed it! I hope you are all out enjoying this 4th whatever way you love. Please do remember to keep your dogs and cats inside when the fireworks go off. I know my dog, Doc will totally freak out at the noise. When we had that rare thunder several month ago, this 90 lb. black lab jumped on the sofa and tried to hide behind me. It was hysterical. But on a more serious note, many a dog and cat are reported missing after the 4th as they get frightened and disoriented from the bangs and the booms of fireworks and firecrackers. Please do take care with your pets.

Our Summer Camp is in full swing and we have so many wonderful guests that come to participate with the kids. A special one is the beautiful Holly Hill. She is one of the most stunning girls you will ever meet and is 98 in dog years (14 in human years). Holly is a purebred miniature white poodle who is a Certified Therapy Dog. She visits every Friday to read to the kids and they just adore her. In addition to her impressive list of talents, she also stuns and amazes the kids with her grace and beauty on the agility course. Holly and her human Fran Knight are so generous with their time and spirit. Holly has been coming to camp for over 3 years and more times than not Holly & Fran will come up from San Francisco that morning to spend time with the kids. Holly is always a camp favorite and we are honored to have her visit on Fridays. Fran & Holly are the epitome of generosity and compassion which is exactly what we want the kids to embody when they leave here.

We have fewer dog residents than last time I wrote as we had some wonderful happy endings. Currently residing at Chez Pets Lifeline are the little petite girls, Florisita, a fawn colored Chihuahua and her daughter Lily a black & white doll. Daisy is a classic Jack Russell that is an energetic bundle of joy and if you are a JRT lover (as we are), you know of what I speak. Macho, is a Terrier mix that looks like he could be a mini me of a Yellow Lab and is just as sweet. We may have a few more by the weekend but only if the two strays in house are not reunited with their humans. We much prefer to reunite dogs with their humans, but we will lovingly care for them and find their next forever home if that doesn’t happen. That’s just the way we roll.

It’s a kitten-palooza around here, Sonoma. We’ve got every shape and color and more going into the room tomorrow. Big shout out to the staff at Valley of the Moon Veterinary Clinic, Deanna, Xotchitl and the volunteers,Sandy, Gaye, Bekah, Dennie and Elizabeth for making our spay day marathon happen for all your little girl kitties. Our own staff cat goddesses, Monna Throop and Mary Green provided the limo service for our feline friends. Look for a fresh batch of little girl kittens in the kitten room this Wednesday.

Just a note, we are closed today (July 4th) for the holiday but the doors open again Saturday, July 5th @ 11am. Come on down - we have air conditioning! Please keep your pets cool and safe during the holiday weekend.

Until we meet again...Peace, love and paws!

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