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Shy Sammi by Audrey Nelson

May 18, 2016

With me and Sammi it was love at first sight. When I went into the Cat Room she caught my eye. Although Sammi is a little chubby she is a beautiful gray tabby cat. She has beautiful big green eyes. She is twelve years old. She was brought to Pets Lifeline because, sadly, her owner died.

Sammi is very shy. But really, I don’t know if she was always like that. When I went to Pets Lifeline she had only been there  (in the Adult Cat Room) for about one day. I became very proud when I got her to eat a few treats and stand up. Although she is shy she is loving.

I think a good place for Sammi to live would be a quiet place. She needs an owner who is patient and gives her lots of love. She deserves an owner who loves her. Please adopt Sammi! She needs a happy home.

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