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The Story of Cheri by Rodrigo Barrera

May 18, 2016

Cheri is a very good cat. When I walked into the Kitten Room and saw her I could tell so much about her. Cheri is a black cat with light green eyes and long whiskers. She walks fast and looks out from on top of the tallest object. She is very cute.

I think the best thing about the way Cheri acts is that she does not hiss or fight. She was not very playful when I was at Pets Lifeline, but she is a kitten and kittens are playful.

A good place for Cheri to live is with people who take care of their pets and make sure they are healthy. They treat her like their child and make sure she won’t get injured. Whoever adopts Cheri will have the best cat you could get.

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