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Dunbar Elementary School Fall 2016

Is It Anny or Fanny?

by Leonardo Perez

I chose the mysterious Anny…or is it Fanny? Fanny is three months old. She is a DSH (Domestic Short Hair) female. Her fur is black and white and her eyes are green. She is really cute. (Everyone in our group thought her name was Anny!)

Fanny is very playful. She kept on playing with me when I was in the Kitten Room. She didn’t care that we were calling her Anny instead of her real name, Fanny.

Fanny should live with another kitten named Gibbs. She could also live at my house because I really like animals.

Beautiful and Playful Fanny

by Maya Lagunas

Once there was an Anny…but it’s actually Fanny. Fanny has black fur covering her body, and her paws are white. She has long white whiskers and greenish/gray eyes. She has a small mouth, little tiny ears, and sharp claws. She is adorable.

Fanny is really, but really playful. She loves everyone. She also loves to hang out at the litter box and likes to climb on high stuff. She is really energetic. A good home for Fanny is a house that is big or that has a lot of space for her to play. When someone adopts her they have to adopt Gibbs, too so they won’t be lonely. I think they love each other.

The Curious Cat

by Maritza Echeverria

There once was a cat named Salazar who is very mysterious and likes to sneak around. He has green eyes and black fur that is super fluffy. He has pointy ears. He doesn’t have any spots or any other color except black.

Salazar can be grumpy sometimes. He likes to chill with other cats and will often lick their fur. When I saw it I thought it was really cute and sweet.


I feel like Salazar should live with other kittens because he likes the company. He might enjoy living with kids, too, and who knows about dogs?

A Kitten Named Gibbs

by Max Campos

Gibbs was the best kitten in the Kitten Room on Wednesday, November 9. 2016. Gibbs is gray and white. His fur is short and his eyes are hazel. He has a pink nose and kind of big pointy ears.

Gibbs is a little shy. He was trying to escape from the kids, but it seems like he likes me. He gets along with the other kittens in the Kitten Room.

Gibbs’ perfect home would be one that has other kittens. He was playing before we came, and he will be playing after we leave.

Fanny and Gibbs ( a Comedy)

by Inika Wood

Gibbs was born to a feral cat brought to the Shelter. We were in the Kitten Room, and he ran towards me. He was so adorable with gray and white fur and a little pink button nose. He has green eyes. Fanny is black and white. She has green eyes and a pink nose as well.

Gibbs is funny, crazy, and cute. He also likes to hang on things. Fanny is crazy, energetic, and super cute. She can also be crazy at times. Then, it happened. Fanny and Gibbs met face-to-face. I thought it looked like they kissed! Fanny walked away and went up to Salazar. Suddenly, to my surprise, it looked like she kissed him, too! Dum, Dum, Dum! She cheated on Gibbs!

In my opinion, Fanny and Gibbs should live together. They should live in a house with room to play, food to eat, and loving owners to take care of them.

Max the Puppy Dog

by Jaime


Max is an awesome dog that is cute, too.He is a one year old Poodle mix that has white fur and brown eyes. He is a cute dog and is really soft.


Max likes kids and likes to play with them. He likes to play with toys, too. He is really playful and friendly, and he likes walking around.


I think that a good home for Max is my house because he looks like my dog. He would like to play with me and my dog.

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