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Pets Lifeline
with a Bequest


Planned Giving

Since 1982 Pets Lifeline has been a rescue for pets and a resource for the people of Sonoma Valley.


You can build your legacy with us by making a planned gift which will help generations to come.

We are here to help you with your bequest.  


Have you included Pets Lifeline in your plans?

If yes, please let us know.

Here's an portal created for you to let us know of your plans.

We appreciate surprises, and are grateful for every gift. It is helpful to know of bequests in advance.



Would you like help creating your will at no cost to you?

Pets Lifeline has partnered with FreeWill to give you the opportunity to create a valid will for free.


You do not need to include Pets Lifeline, but if you do, thank you!

Got questions about the Pets Lifeline?
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