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Before we break ground, Pets Lifeline will be actively engaged in raising funds for the new Animal Resource Center. While there are many unknown variables, we plan to raise ample funds to begin construction in June 2019. If construction runs smoothly, we anticipate completion in March 2020 and a grand re-opening in May 2020.


Due Diligence

SEP 2014 – SEP 2017

In anticipation of launching this campaign, we consulted with animal wellness specialists, interviewed architects and contractors and spoke with donors and members of the community to research necessity and feasibility. As a result, we now have renderings and floor plans, construction costs and engaged leadership to carry out the fundraising campaign.


Raising Funds

SEP 2017 – DEC 2019*

We began raising funds in September 2017, focusing our fundraising strategy on our feasibility study that has helped us to assess an achievable goal. We focused first on lead, major and are now looking for general gifts to achieve the total $3.4 million necessary to build the new facility.


Breaking Ground

SEP 2019 – JAN 2021*

We anticipate breaking ground in June 2019. Once all permits are approved, the construction will consist of moving operations to the front of the property, currently the dog yard and building a construction fence to separate.  The crew will level all remaining structures behind the construction fence and build the new shelter from the ground up.  The anticipated build time is 10 to 12 months.


Grand Re-Opening Ceremony

SPRING 2021*

Once construction is complete, we will move back into the shelter over the next month and have a Grand Opening Ceremony to welcome the public. 

*All dates subject to change

For more information, please contact Pets Lifeline Executive Director Nancy King at or 707.996.4577 x102.

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