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Q: How long will it take to renovate the shelter?
A:  Once we break ground, we anticipate it will take nine months from start to finish.


Q: What are the renovation costs, and where will the money come from? 

A:  Our estimated budget for construction, which includes materials, permitting, architect fees, building costs, landscaping and furnishings, is $3.4 million. We are raising the money through foundation grants and individual donations from the community. We also secured a line of credit from the bank in case our costs exceed the money raised.


Q: Will the new shelter increase Pets Lifeline’s capacity to serve more animals? 

A:  YES. Our current shelter does not have enough space or the right configuration to meet the current needs of Sonoma Valley. The new Animal Resource Center will include separate spaces for large and small dogs, animals in quarantine, feral cats, adult cats and kittens. The updated facility will accommodate the growing number of cats and dogs by reducing the length of stay for each animal, giving us the space to help more animals. 

Q: What is an Animal Resource Center?

A:  In addition to being a safe haven for animals, our renovated facility will be a resource for the entire Sonoma Valley community with classrooms for on-site, year-round humane education programs, community workshops and behavioral training; a bright, welcoming, open reception area to greet visitors; comfortable rooms for potential adopters to visit with animals; and adequate space for our growing staff and volunteer corps.

Q: How can I help?

A:  We are looking to foundations and individuals from the community to support the financial cost of the construction for our new Animal Resource Center. You can make a tax-deductible contribution of cash, appreciated stock, real estate or in-kind gifts such as artwork, vehicles and other profitable goods. We can also accept pledges on donations that you can make over a period of time.  


Q. Where does my donation go?

A:  Your tax-deductible donation will be used towards the construction of our new Animal Resource Center, including architectural drawings, building, permitting, landscaping, equipment, furnishings and other necessary costs as they occur during the construction phase.


Q. What happens to the animals during construction?

A:  All animals will be safe and cared for during construction. We will place the animals in foster care during this period. In addition, the outdoor areas will be reconfigured for outdoor living areas and dog runs in the daytime and sleeping crates for the dogs set up indoors at night. The staff will move offsite so that the space can be used for cat housing.  

For more information, please contact Pets Lifeline Executive Director Nancy King at or 707.996.4577 x102.

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