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An expanded, modern facility will positively impact the animals in our care and shelter visitors, staff and volunteers alike. Cats and dogs will have dedicated habitats designed to reduce stress and allow for socialization. The visitors and staff will have adoption meeting spaces, and volunteers will be able to move more freely to assist with shelter needs. 

Exterior (Before)
  • Drab and Unwelcoming 

  • Cluttered with Trailers and Sheds 

  • Limited Makeshift Landscaping 

  • Only 2475 sq ft of dog play and run area 

Exterior (After)
  • Beautiful, modern, welcoming 

  • Design Integrated with current building 

  • Professionally Landscaped 

  • Dual runs/play areas 3150/650 sq ft 

Interior (Before)

Reception: 198 sq ft 

Adoptions: Trailer for meet and greet

​Canine Habitat: 13 chain link dog kennels
(separate indoor/outdoor) 

Canine Training: Outside dog yard (weather permitting/after hours) 

Cattery: Two community cat rooms, 14 cage intake rooms, Tuff Shed for ferals 

Veterinary: 160 sq ft, single trailer for exam, surgery, and recovery

Education: Summer only outdoor area

Emergencies: Limited space to handle 


Interior (After)
  • Reception: 960 sq ft with separate counters 

  • Adoptions: Two meet and greet rooms, Adoptee interview conference room 

  • ​Canine Habitat: 20 indoor/outdoor connected kennels, outdoor dog adoption garden 

  • Canine Training: Indoor classrooms with attached courtyard – year-round all day 

  • Cattery: Eight community cat rooms, 20 cage intake rooms, one dedicated feral room 

  • Veterinary: 1375 sq ft , clinic with separate rooms for intake, isolation, exam, surgery, prep, and recovery 

  • Education: Year-round classroom/garden 

  • Emergencies: Classrooms and vet clinic 

Pet Lifeline Exterior 1_1.jpg

The new Pets Lifeline with a newly constructed two-story prefab metal building attached to our existing footprint for one unified campus.

Reception View #2.jpg

First floor - Receptionist area and hallway with view of canine agility area.

Pet Lifeline Interior 3.jpg

First floor - Indoor/outdoor dog runs for our precious pooches.

Pet Lifeline Exterior 2_1.jpg

Front entry

Pet Lifeline Interior 1 Lobby_1.jpg

First floor - Expanded reception area to welcome the public.

Pet Lifeline Interior 4.jpg

Second floor - Upstairs reception for cat adoption and large cat condo with a catio.

Pet Lifeline Exterior 3_1.jpg

Facility side view

Pet Lifeline Interior 2_1.jpg

First floor - Multi-purpose rooms that can be used as co-located shelter for pets and people.

Pet Lifeline Interior 5.jpg

Second floor - Upstairs catio area

*Renderings and floor plans are for concept review only and subject to change

For more information, please contact Pets Lifeline Executive Director Nancy King at or 707.996.4577 x102.

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