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Cats and Kittens

Below is just a sample of the cats and kittens at the Shelter. Shelter visits are highly encouraged as our cats come and go quickly. Sometimes their photos never make it to the website!


TO LEARN MORE ABOUT A CAT BELOW click the photo for a more detailed description and any additional photos or video we have on that animal. PLEASE ADOPT!

Don't miss out! Begin the adoption process by completing our Adopter Survey form. Send it back to us asap. We will follow up and advise you of the next steps in helping you find your perfect match.

Loveable Teenagers


We have teenagers who don’t sneer – they purr! Our teenagers won’t spend hours texting friends, beg to borrow the car, come home past curfew, talk back, or roll their eyes. These are perfect teenagers who will be friends and show their love. Who can say no to that?


Meet our older kittens. Most came in from 3 to 4 months old – past the ideal socialization time. Not only are they somewhat shy, they are big. (And we all know that people want little kittens right now.) They are all playful and love interacting with each other. They just need patient people who can let them develop at their own pace.

Lucky Number 13


Pets Lifeline generally has a selection of black cats and kittens available for adoption. The 13th of the month is a special day for these wonderful pets as they can be adopted for just $13.00!


Stop by and pick out the perfect black cat or kitten for your family.

Say "Haaaaaay" to Our Barn Cats

Pets Lifeline is looking for adopters with a warm barn, shed, or other outdoor housing to give feral and less social cats a chance at life. These independent-minded felines are not suitable indoor companions, but they would be a great friend for farm animals. They can be very helpful with reducing the rodent population. All barn cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and available for no adoption fee.

Barn cats need to be confined for at least 2-4 weeks so they can learn the area that is not only their shelter, but the source of food and water. We can help provide temporary cages for the confinement period.

If you are interested in one of our shelter cats and kittens, please fill out our
Adoption Application or contact us at 707.996.4577 or
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