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Bounce by Michael Rowlands

May 18, 2016

Bounce looks like a fun happy cat waiting to be adopted. All he wants is an owner that will love him. He’s gentle, a little bit shy at first, and can’t wait to see you. He would be a great happy house cat who can bond with you fast, and he’s waiting for you now.


Bounce is fluffy. He is black with white on his chest and the tips of his paws. His eyes are green. If he sees you at first he’s a little shy. Once he gets to know you better and get a little strong connection he is happy. He probably won’t walk up to you instantly. Sometimes he likes attention but he enjoys his own time, too. He is willing to train first time cat people and to share his space with mellow cats. He likes kids mostly ten and up because they’re more mature.


The best thing about being adopted for Bounce is that he will get a new experience and be happy with a new owner ready to explore and bond with him. He likes calm areas without wild crazy places. He wants a person willing to love him and keep him healthy and who will take care of his dental issues.

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