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Beau & Ripley

These two lovely boys came to Pets Lifeline as transfers from Ukiah during the Mendocino Complex Fire. Pets Lifeline took them in as part of a larger transfer to help create space for animals displaced by the fires. They are medium sized (about 40 pounds) mixed breed litter mates, and are now just over a year old.

When these two arrived, they didn’t know how to walk on a leash, let alone sit or stay. Pets Lifeline staff and our wonderful Canine Handler volunteers have spent a lot of time teaching these boys basic manners. They now love to go on walks, play and run in the yard, and know commands like off, sit, and down.

While they have come a long way, Beau and Ripley still have a lot to learn. They love to be around people, get lots of pets, and play, and we know they will make great companions, but their adolescent doggie energy also means that they are searching for a forever home that can handle their activity level while also being consistent and patient with their training.

Come see their cute curly tails for yourself, and help spread the word that these two are searching for their furever homes!

Mr. Cheeks

Mr. Cheeks is about five and a half years old and came to us in quite a bad state. He had been trapped by people who told us he’d been hanging around their home for a few weeks. Unfortunately when they trapped him, they left him in the trap for a few days. While Cheeks was in the cage, something scared him and he frantically tried to free himself. When he was brought to us, his head was bloody from banging it against the cage trying to get out. He was swollen and concussed.

His outside wounds healed quickly with care from our vet and staff, and he quickly became a staff favorite with his good looks and friendly demeanor. Unfortunately, the trauma Mr. Cheeks suffered leaves him with a difficult personality trait. He enjoys being petted but if you touch a sensitive area or catch him off guard he can respond with a quick bite. He’s not trying to hurt, but he can break skin. It’s fear based and reactive. Those of us who know him well can read this body language and know when to stop petting and leave him be. To us, he’s a great, sweet kitty that you just have to be careful around.

We think Mr. Cheeks can be a great pet. He needs to have a person who is experienced with cats and willing to give him time to get to know them and trust them. He would not do well with children as they may move too quickly and scare him. He would be okay with other cats and probably with a dog, as long as they respect his space. He can be vocal and eager when he sees people he likes and trusts.

We know a perfect home is out there for Mr. Cheeks. If you are interested in meeting him please contact the shelter.


Sweet Manzanita came to Pets Lifeline as a stray this past June. She is about 10 years old, but this gentle girl has plenty of love to give. Manzanita may look a little rough around the edges, but don’t let her grumpy face or nicked ears steer you away. She loves to sit with people and get pets, and if you listen closely, you may hear her quiet purr!

Manzanita would be a great companion for anyone with a quiet household where she could bask in the sun and nap. She would do best as an only cat, but we believe she could do well with other pets as long as they are not too high-energy and respect her space. She will need some time to get acclimated to a new home, but with enough time and patience, you will be rewarded with a gentle, loving kitty!

While we don’t know exactly what Manzanita’s past held, friendly senior cats like her often end up in shelters because their original owners passed away or moved and left their cat behind. They are used to living in a home, and sit in shelters for months waiting for a new family who will see them for what they really are - the gentlest of cats that desperately need a home to live out their golden years in comfort. If you have room for this lovely senior girl in your home and heart, come visit her at the shelter!


Indy is a six month old black and white kitten. He was brought to Pets Lifeline when he was about three months old as a stray at Sonoma Raceway. After being stray as a small kitten, he was very shy and fearful of people. However, staff saw potential in him, and decided to put him into our kitten room for adoption.

After two months of hiding from visitors and staff, Indy began to open up. We believe that seeing other friendly kittens getting love and pets from people made him want some affection too. It started with cautious sniffs and head bumps, and now Indy purrs loudly and will approach people that he knows to ask for pets. He is still a little awkward as he learns how to receive pets and be around people, but this sweet boy has come so far, and we know he will be a great companion for anyone with a quiet home that gives him plenty of time to get used to his new family. Please help spread the word that this sweetie is searching for his furever home!

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