Pets Lifeline is dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of cats and dogs in need in Sonoma Valley through sheltering and adoption, humane education and community programs.

At Pets Lifeline we keep busy sheltering, feeding, and rehabilitating nearly 1,000 animals every year. For more details on our dog classes and other programs, click on Programs & Services or send us an email at info@petslifeline.org.

Below is a brief list of the types of things we do:

  • Provide food, shelter, medical attention, and loving care to homeless dogs and cats.

  • Spay/neuter all shelter animals BEFORE finding them permanent homes.

  • Provide the community with free spay/neuter services.

  • Maintain data on lost and found animals and help reunite pets with the owners.

  • Provide free, personalized ID tags for dogs and cats.

  • Offer microchipping identification services to adopters and to the community.

  • Provide free pet food to low income families.

  • Provide information and assistance to pet owners.

  • Coordinate a free program to match senior people with senior animals.

  • Coordinate a program to trap, spay/neuter, and maintain feral cats.

  • Help area residents find and adopt non-shelter animals.

  • Coordinate our activities with other shelters and pet rescue services to maximize pet adoptions.

  • Conduct ongoing community education services to raise the level of public awareness about responsible pet ownership.